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GoGrid "Stunts" @ Web 2.0 Expo

Monday, April 28th, 2008 by

Last Friday, we wrapped up our exhibit at the Web2.0Expo in San Francisco. For being a late Expo entrant, we have had a resounding success, with some people saying that GoGrid was among the “best at the show.” Not bad for signing up on the Friday before and having our booth together on Tuesday. We also tried to think creatively and do some “stunts” that were a bit out-side the box.

Here’s a photo-rundown of a few of the “stunts” we did:

Giving Away “Free” Servers

Since we are a 7-year old Internet hosting provider, GoGrid almost competes against our own parent company, ServePath. So, we took a stack of our old rack-mount servers and hand-drew a sign that said “Free Servers, they are useless now that GoGrid is live.”


This generated a bunch of questions and at the end of the show, a few of the servers “walked out the door.” People loved the concept and couldn’t believe that we would be giving them away. (We also gave away $99 promo codes for GoGrid!)

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