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Secure & Protect Your GoGrid Cloud with the New Fortinet Hardware Firewall Solution

Monday, November 1st, 2010 by

Having a secure Cloud Computing environment is paramount to GoGrid cloud customers. In fact, many critics of cloud computing in general point to “security” as one of the primary barriers to entry for their company or clients jumping into the cloud as a critical component of a company’s core IT strategy. We whole-heartedly agree that Security in the Cloud should be on any checklist when evaluating cloud providers. To that end, we have enhanced our Hardware Firewall service to ensure that your servers and critical data remain secure from malicious threats that ANY server or website is vulnerable to, cloud or not.


Set up, managed and maintained by experienced GoGrid System Administrators, the new GoGrid Fortinet is designed to insulate your infrastructure on GoGrid from a variety of new and sophisticated threats. Also, if you are working down the path of achieving PCI compliance for your environment running on GoGrid, this hardware firewall solution provides another “check in the box” towards compliance. While host-based firewall solutions do work in many cases, to achieve true protection against attacks, a hardware-based firewall is definitely the direction to go.

Key Features and Pricing

Briefly, the new GoGrid Fortinet Firewall’s key features are:

GoGrid Exchange: CohesiveFT VPN-Cubed Available on GoGrid Cloud

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 by

Another GoGrid partner, CohesiveFT, has made 2 Partner GSIs available for GoGrid customers to use. VPN-Cubed is a overlay network which provides control of addressing, protocols, topology and encrypted communications for devices within the public cloud, specifically GoGrid. By utilizing a GoGrid VPN-Cubed server image, enterprise customers are ensured a greater control over their computing infrastructure and security therein.

Their offering, called VPN-Cubed, comes in two free versions currently on GoGrid (with a paid version coming soon):

  • VPN-Cubed for GoGrid SSL Free Edition – Users launch one or two VPN-Cubed Manager GSI(s) and “plug” up to 10 server instances into the resulting encrypted network inside of GoGrid. Users can specify subnet address each connected instance and all communication between the connected devices and the Manager is encrypted.
  • VPN-Cubed for GoGrid IPsec Free Edition – Users launch a single VPN-Cubed Manger/IPsec Gateway GSI and “plug” up to 5 server instances into the resulting encrypted network inside of GoGrid. In addition to subnet control and communication encryption inside of GoGrid, users can connect the overlay network to their existing in-house infrastructure via a secure IPsec Tunnel. There is support for a wide range of IPsec extranet devices.

These Partner Images are now available within GoGrid:


Through the use of VPN-Cubed, GoGrid users get: (more…) «GoGrid Exchange: CohesiveFT VPN-Cubed Available on GoGrid Cloud»