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Boxed Ice’s “Server Density” Service Allows you to Monitor GoGrid Servers Real-time

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 by

There are plenty of services out there that let you monitor your infrastructure and servers performance and uptime. In fact, you would be foolish not to have at least a couple monitoring your site’s URL so that you can be notified when issues do occur. However, there are fewer services that actually let you monitor AND troubleshoot at a much more granular level. Over the past few weeks, I have been testing out once such service called Server Density.


Whether you have 1 server or multiple, Server Density has your monitoring covered with both free and paid for pricing plans (details here). The folks over at Boxed Ice, the makers of Server Density set me up with the premium version of their service so that I could test it out on my personal blog which is running on GoGrid. Before I go into my analysis of the service, here are some of the highlights (pretty much all of which I have tested):

GoGrid Says: We’ll Load Your Data Into the Cloud

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 by

You know about Cloud Computing right? And you know that GoGrid is probably one of the easiest onramps to hosting within the Cloud with our award-winning web-based portal, private server images called MyGSI, point-and-click deployments of Windows & Linux cloud servers, f5 load balancers and Cloud Storage. So, how can we further lower the barrier to entry to the Cloud? How about by providing a service that lets you ship us physical media like hard drives crammed full of data that you want in your GoGrid cloud? Let us load it for you to our Cloud Storage solution!


GoGrid Cloud Storage

First, you might be asking, what is GoGrid’s Cloud Storage anyway? It’s pretty simple actually. It’s an instantly scalable and reliable file-level backup and storage service for Windows and Linux cloud servers running in the GoGrid cloud. You basically mount GoGrid’s Cloud Storage, which uses a secure private network, using common transfer protocols like SCP, FTP, SAMBA/CIFS and RSYNC to move your data in and out of Cloud Storage. Your storage scales dynamically, on-the-fly, and you only pay for what you use.

Another nice thing, we give you an initial 10 GB of space for FREE! Each additional GB is $0.15/GB per month. More info can be found on the GoGrid product page as well as on this (older) blog post.

The New Data Transfer Service

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