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Robert Scoble & FastCompany.TV Visit & Interview GoGrid

Friday, February 6th, 2009 by

fctv_v2_logo This week, we had the privilege of having Robert Scoble and FastCompany.TV visit the GoGrid offices here in San Francisco. (Believe it or not, it was actually the second time they visited within a month, but due to some lost footage, the interviews and demos had to be re-shot.) is a Business Video Network that not only brings business video content to viewers solely via the Internet, but the content itself is raw and very dynamic (more about FastCompany.TV here). In his interviews, Robert brings a meld of technology and personalities. His videos frequently are with key players of prominent businesses and corporations as well as startups and Web 2.0-ers, and he really seems to enjoy showcasing the technology and the people and ideas behind the technology.

scobleizer-tv In our interview, we really wanted Robert to understand the power of Cloud Computing and the GoGrid vision therein, especially from the perspective of a Cloud Infrastructure provider. As expected, Robert was well versed and up-to-speed on “all things Cloud” and had hands-on experience setting up datacenters so grasping our concept of the “cloudcenter” was extremely easy (as you can see in the video).

Below is the interview between Robert, John Keagy (CEO – GoGrid) and Randy Bias (VP of Technology Strategy – GoGrid). The video is also available on the FastCompany.TV site.

Be sure to watch through the video for a challenge that we are having with Robert!

I also took some pictures from the original filming a few weeks ago.

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Google Code Video on GoGrid’s Use of Google Web Toolkit

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by

googlecodelogo A few weeks ago, the folks over at Google, specifically the Google Code division, asked us if we wanted to be a showcase example of Google Web Toolkit (GWT). For those who are not familiar with GWT, it allows you to write your AJAX front-end in the Java programming language which GWT then cross-compiles into optimized JavaScript. The benefits of this are that you when you make changes to your code, once it is complied, it is automatically compatible cross-browsers. If you need more details on GWT, I suggest you read through their Product Overview page.

If you have interacted with the GoGrid web portal, then you have seen our implementation of GWT. It helped us provide an extremely rich experience of server-side code while preserving the speed of client-side code. The end result has been our award-winning interface (winner of LinuxWorld 2008 Best of Show).

The Google Code group interviewed Justin Kitagawa, Technical Product Manager and lead on the GoGrid project about his usage of GWT within the GoGrid framework. Below is the full video, which even shows some of our new GoGrid features.

The video can also be viewed on the Google Code Developer Videos section of their site.


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Linux Journal Interviews GoGrid at LinuxWorld 2008

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 by

At LinuxWorld 2008, Linux Journal’s Associate Editor, Shawn Powers, interviewed Mario Olivarez, the GoGrid Director of Product Management about Cloud Computing and how GoGrid is taking the technology and Cloud Computing movement to the next level. Obviously the LinuxWorld 2008 judges couldn’t agree with us more as they awarded GoGrid the high recognition of Best of Show. Below you can watch the Linux Journal interview in its entirety.

We will definitely have more interviews with various GoGrid champions in the future as well as some other exciting videos floating out there “in the wild.” Stay tuned!

Tech Teentrepreuneur Daniel Brusilovsky’s GoGrid Interview

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 by

15-year-old Daniel Brusilovsky spent some time with me at GigaOM’s Structure ’08. Below is an interview that I did with Daniel where we discussed GoGrid and Cloud Computing.

Daniel is the founder and CEO of, an organization working to create “a community for teenagers who want to start podcasting, blogging, video-casting and producting all types of new media.” See an interview with Daniel here.

GigaOM’s Structure08 Roundup: GoGrid on Webware, Interviews & Photos

Friday, June 27th, 2008 by

IMG_3838 The dust is still settling from Structure08 put on by GigaOM but the general vibe is that it was a solid event. With well over 600 people in attendance, Structure08 lived up to its promise of delivering timely information to businesses on how they could plan their future computing infrastructure needs.

Here’s a quick round up of GoGrid at Structure08.

GoGrid in Webware


Rafe Needleman, editor for,  spoke at length with GoGrid CEO, John Keagy, and within hours posted the results of his interview this article titled “Tiny (comparatively) GoGrid takes on Amazon Web Services“. Rafe actually summarized GoGrid as compared to Amazon’s EC2 into something that could even be written multiple time in a single Twitter message (within the 140 character limit): “The GoGrid pitch: We’re cheaper. And easier.

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