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GoGrid Webinar: Learn About the GoGrid 3.0 Release & New Datacenter

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 by

With the release of GoGrid 3.0 a few weeks ago, we held a webinar titled “Complex Infrastructure Made Easy – Learn About the GoGrid 3.0 Release & Our New East Coast Datacenter“. This webinar was primarily geared towards current GoGrid customers. We also did a webinar the next day that was targeted at people who are new to Cloud Computing and GoGrid. I will be posting that webinar shortly as well.

This webinar was recorded on June 28, 2010, the day of the official release of GoGrid 3.0. Presenters were Mario Olivarez & Justin Kitagawa of GoGrid and Ryan Holland of TrendMicro. The topics included:

  • Overview: Complex Infrastructure Made Easy – GoGrid’s unique value proposition
  • GoGrid 3.0: The latest version of the GoGrid platform – East Coast demo
  • GoGrid Security: New services from Cisco, Fortinet, TrendMicro & Sentrigo
  • PCI Compliance: PCI compliance in the GoGrid Cloud – Demo with TrendMicro
  • Questions & Answers

I realize that not all GoGrid customers were able to attend this webinar, so I have provided the full recording below (it is also available on our Vimeo channel):

GoGrid 3.0 Webinar: Learn About the GoGrid 3.0 Release & New Datacenter from GoGrid on Vimeo.

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Press Release: GoGrid Continues Expansion with New East Coast Data Center

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 by

Following the announcement yesterday of the launch of GoGrid 3.0, today we officially announced the opening and availability of a new GoGrid datacenter presence on the East Coast in Ashburn, VA. We have partnered with Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX), a premier provider of global data center services. GoGrid users now the the ability to provision infrastructure in both the West Coast and East Coast. This was a frequent request from our customers so we are excited to now have this ability within GoGrid.

More information about the new datacenter can be found here.


Below is the Press Release that we sent out about the new datacenter:

GoGrid Continues Expansion with New East Coast Data Center

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GoGrid Named “Best Cloud Computing Provider” for May 2010 by

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 by

GoGrid was selected by HostReview’s editorial staff to be one of the Top 10 Hosts in the Best Cloud Computing Provider categories for May 2010.


This award is based on a variety of items including:

  • Overall Product Offering
  • Value
  • Customer Service
  • Users’ Reviews

More information about HostReview’s Top 10 list can be found on their site.

GoGrid would like to congratulate the following other companies who were included in this list as well: Rackspace Cloud, Storm on Demand, NaviSite,, SoftLayer Technologies, 3Tera, BlueHost, VPS.NET and DediPower.

GoGrid previously was awarded the following from HostReview:

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Newsletter: GoGrid Customer Update – January 2010

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 by

Today we sent out the January 2010 GoGrid Customer Update to all GoGrid customers. We wanted to ensure that all people who are interested in GoGrid have access to the latest and greatest information coming from our headquarters so the full newsletter is posted below. If you want to get regular updates similar to this newsletter, I recommend that you subscribe to the GoGrid blog RSS feed, subscribe to blog post via email, follow us on Twitter (@GoGrid) as well as become a GoGrid Facebook Fanpage.


Below is the entire GoGrid Newsletter (January 2010):

Hello Michael,

On behalf of everyone here at GoGrid, I want to wish you a very successful 2010!  We are starting the year off with a bang that includes some exciting new developments that I want to share with you in this edition of the GoGrid Newsletter.  Here are the specific topics:

  1. New Features and System Enhancements
  2. GoGrid CDN: New Singapore and Paris Points of Presence (POPs)
  3. New Partner GSIs
  4. Preventative Power Maintenance
  5. End-of-Life: CentOS 5.1 w/Apache &  RHEL 5.1 w/Apache operating systems
  6. New CentOS 5.3 & RHEL 5.4 base operating systems
  7. Two New 3rd Party Services to Monitor your GoGrid Servers
  8. Hosting for Haiti

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Haiti Earthquake Relief: & other GoGrid Initiatives To Help

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 by

Haiti_red_crossAs all of you know, a devastating series of earthquakes rocked the Haiti region on January 12th, 2010, crippling the infrastructure, killing thousands and leaving even more people utterly homeless. While relief efforts are currently underway, the recovery and assistance effort is an on-going uphill battle with little or no relief in sight. Countries from around the world have rushed people, medical supplies and other humanitarian aid, but as aftershocks continue (today there was a 6.1 registered aftershock, for example), the fragile and brittle stability is being further shattered.

The bottom line, the Haitian people need assistance of ANY TYPE immediately and in an on-going basis, whether it be in the form of time, money or other types of support. Doing absolutely nothing is the worst thing that you can do. Even if you cannot afford to donate time or money, there are other activities that you can do to assist in the relief efforts (one example is listed later in this post).

The outpouring of relief efforts thus far is impressive, however, as a worldly community living under the same “roof”, we all need to put aside our differences and work together to help the Haitians in their time of need.

Hosting for Haiti Initiative

Officially launching today is an initiative comprised of a group of Hosting Providers who normally compete head-to-head. The initiative brings together several hosting providers including Rackspace, Peer1, GoGrid, The Planet and ServInt, in an effort to create a consolidated and organized front to provide monetary assistance to the Haitian Relief Efforts. is a site designed to provide support from the hosting industry, because through a unified effort, more gains can be realized.


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