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Google Code Video on GoGrid’s Use of Google Web Toolkit

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by

googlecodelogo A few weeks ago, the folks over at Google, specifically the Google Code division, asked us if we wanted to be a showcase example of Google Web Toolkit (GWT). For those who are not familiar with GWT, it allows you to write your AJAX front-end in the Java programming language which GWT then cross-compiles into optimized JavaScript. The benefits of this are that you when you make changes to your code, once it is complied, it is automatically compatible cross-browsers. If you need more details on GWT, I suggest you read through their Product Overview page.

If you have interacted with the GoGrid web portal, then you have seen our implementation of GWT. It helped us provide an extremely rich experience of server-side code while preserving the speed of client-side code. The end result has been our award-winning interface (winner of LinuxWorld 2008 Best of Show).

The Google Code group interviewed Justin Kitagawa, Technical Product Manager and lead on the GoGrid project about his usage of GWT within the GoGrid framework. Below is the full video, which even shows some of our new GoGrid features.

The video can also be viewed on the Google Code Developer Videos section of their site.


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Google Selects GoGrid as Showcase Example

Thursday, July 31st, 2008 by

googlecodelogo There is plenty of excitement among the GoGrid Development team. They were just recognized by the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) team as a showcase example of GWT. GWT is an open-source Java development framework that is the driving force behind GoGrid’s quick, responsive and interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI).


The Google Web Toolkit was critical to the success of GoGrid’s front-end interface. It helped our developers code, debug and test while also providing a “thick client feel but with the performance of a thin client,” said lead GoGrid software engineer, Justin Kitagawa. “We were heavily influenced by Google Maps, the new Yahoo! Mail client and several other state-of-the-art AJAX applications,” says Kitagawa.

The video below illustrates how the GWT enables the GoGrid interface to quickly redraw regions, scale icons, and provide “flashy” effects, among other things. More information can be found here.

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To experience the GoGrid interface first-hand, simply sign up for a GoGrid account. Let us know what you think!