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PodCast: Cloud Cafe #15 – RightScale and GoGrid

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 by

image John Willis just produced an Interesting podcast with Michael Crandell (CEO of RightScale). In this podcast, John interviews Michael about RightScale’s recent announcement of the GoGrid/RightScale partnership as well as other partnerships and ideas.

More info on the GoGrid/RightScale partnership can be seen here.

If I could sum up the podcast, it would be how RightScale (with a partnership with GoGrid and others) are delivering the “on-ramp” to allow companies to migrate to the Cloud and provide portability to the cloud by providing a multi-hosted cloud infrastructure.

The podcast can be heard here. Highlights, according to John are:

  • Services is key to the clouds
  • No Windows support at this time (ed. note: Windows Server 2003/2008 in the Cloud is currently available on GoGrid)
  • Infrastructure cloud partners
  • Clarification on Rackspace/Mosso
  • RightScale and Eucalyptus Wasup?
  • Changes to the RightScale Business Model

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