GoGrid is a Cloud Computing Infrastructure Hosting Provider that allows you to manage your multi-tier Internet infrastructure on demand through a web control panel or API.

We provide Cloud Hosting and Hybrid Hosting Solutions to meet just about any business requirement.

Cloud Hosting

Deploy cloud servers, dedicated servers, cloud storage, and hardware load balancers on-demand to build and scale your cloud computing infrastructure in real-time

  • Standard Windows and Linux Cloud Servers
  • Add Dedicated Servers to your GoGrid VLAN
  • Create, Save, and Deploy Custom Server Images
  • Scale Up or Down as Needed, in Real-Time

For more information, please see Cloud Hosting.

Hybrid Hosting

Connect your cloud computing infrastructure to dedicated physical hardware to build fully customized, scalable, high-performance hybrid networks

  • Create PCI Compliant Architectures
  • Maximize Your Database I/O Performance
  • Fully Customizable to Meet Your Business Needs

For more information, please see Hybrid Hosting.

What is GoGrid?

GoGrid is a leading Cloud Infrastructure Hosting provider with extensive expertise and experience running complex, on-demand cloud, dedicated and mixed server infrastructures. With over 10 years of dedicated hosting experience, our team wanted to develop a new kind of hosting solution to address the scaling needs of today’s businesses. Over the years, we have seen some of the limitations with dedicated servers and managed hosting, in terms of flexibility, elasticity and their lack of an on-demand nature. Virtual Private Servers have been around for awhile and always seemed like a good idea, but somehow they always seemed to lack the performance, throughput and reliability of physical boxes. Through our experience in the dedicated server hosting market, extensive R&D in Xen-based grid technology, and needs of the many rapidly growing companies we serve, the opportunity became clear.

Our answer to that challenge is GoGrid, the first multi-tier, cloud computing platform that allows you to intuitively manage your cloud hosting infrastructure completely on demand through an intuitive, web interface, or programmatically through a REST-like Application Programming Interface (API).

We are based in San Francisco where we operate our own data center and manage thousands of servers for customers all over the world. We have been in business for nine years, but before that our founders ran a successful Internet access ISP that started back in 1995.

We are a group of experienced and geeky professionals with hundreds upon thousands of combined hours of technology expertise, and we also know how to provide powerful Internet hosting services to businesses that need reliability, customization and speed.

GoGrid is the next generation of these services. Get powerful dedicated resources on a cloud computing architecture that you can use as you need, on-demand. Once you try GoGrid cloud hosting, you will see how the power of cloud computing will transform how you think about and architect your company’s infrastructure.

What is Cloud Computing?

We have set up the following microsite to help users understand what Cloud Computing is. Please visit: for details.