How Big Data Changes the Way We Relate

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Big Data is already changing the way research is done – from weather reports to highly progressive cancer research, most businesses stand to gain from the cloud web hosting phenomenon that major powers are adopting every day. Although the concept of Big Data is still relatively new, the technology has made a major difference not only in how data is collected and processed, but also in how the people using it relate to each other. Need proof? Look no further than the most social corners of the Internet for ample evidence.

It goes without saying that big data is already changing the way research is done today - from the weather reports to highly progressive cancer research, there's few businesses that can't stand to gain a lot from the cloud web hosting phenomenon that more and more major powers are latching onto all the time.

Big Data is already changing the way research is done – from weather reports to highly progressive cancer research, most businesses stand to gain from the cloud web hosting phenomenon that major players continue to adopt every day.

Let the cloud infrastructure find your next star candidate
These days, it’s rare to apply to a job without some type of web component being involved in the material submission process – whether a staff recruiter is scouring services that thrive on cloud hosting sites like LinkedIn or Monster or simply emailing to find the best candidate, the search for the perfect employee has definitely gone digital. This is good news for anyone looking for a new gig who doesn’t want to spend the cash to travel to follow employment leads to various locales, but it also creates a greater need to ensure their web presence is not only strong, but easily found and searched by scouts. Mashable writer James O’Brien wrote a piece on this evolving search process and shared some valuable insights with Ali Benham, the cofounder of popular recruiting firm Riviera Partners.

“Big Data is the future of recruiting, but you can’t just data mine your way to the right candidate,” Benham explained. “You need the right tools, the right combination of external and internal variables and – most importantly – the right people who know how to analyze all of it.”

O’Brien goes on to explain what variables are most important when looking for a new addition to the staff during a web-based search – mainly a quality check in the company’s Human Resources department to follow up on the incredible results Big Data has delivered already. For example, major companies like Xerox have been reaping the rewards of this approach.

“In a single six-month trial period, Xerox was so impressed by the outcome that it decided to keep using Big Data to hire new employees for the center going forward,” O’Brien shared.

Big Data can find your soul mate
​Not surprisingly, the same algorithms that allow cloud host technology to find the right candidate for the job can also find the ideal person to socialize with after work. When users provide the desired information on various social media platforms and websites, identifying and matching common hobbies and interests becomes as easy as detecting that a potential employee possesses a certain skillset or work history. Forbes contributor Federico Guerrini wrote an op-ed about the trend, which is slotted to take off in the next few years, and interviewed former Chief Scientist at Amazon and current Director of Stanford’s Social Data Lab, Andreas Weigend.

“It’s not a matter of right or wrong,” Weigend commented regarding the presence of Big Data in daily life. “Most people, including myself, overestimate our ability to deal with information.”

This is where the technology comes in – whether you’re searching for a person to make your business run smoother or someone to unwind with when the work day is done, cloud computing removes all the guesswork and painstaking research that used to be required in the quest for efficiency.

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