Developments Show Big Data is Here to Stay

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Big Data detractors, listen up: several recent developments indicate that use of cloud hosting and Big Data continues to increase, with tangible results. In spite of any setback, more and more businesses are adopting cloud technology and the security options required to keep their information safe, and those opting to use cloud storage for high volumes of data are beginning to see results. Not only is the system becoming more popular, it’s becoming smarter, too.

Big data detractors, step down - a number of recent developments indicate that use of cloud hosting and big data continues to increase, with tangible results.

Big Data detractors, listen up: several recent developments indicate that use of cloud hosting and Big Data continues to increase, with tangible results.

Big Names Endorse Big Data
InformationWeek writer Doug Henschen published a recent criticism of media coverage on Big Data, implying that a lot of reports are intended to scare off potential users in the interest of keeping older, less-efficient and less-secure systems in place.

“Media coverage of Big Data tends to fall into two broad categories: stories that are abstract, philosophical, or speculative about what Big Data is all about and how it will or won’t change the world; and more-concrete analyses about specific new capabilities or actual projects delivering results,” he wrote before providing readers with a long list of facts about why the detractors had the wrong idea.

Unsurprisingly, the use of cloud hosting providers has created positive changes in a number of major fields, many of which Henschen cites. The Weather Company, a large organization responsible for the all-popular Weather Channel and all its applications, is in the process of moving its massive information database to a cloud server not only to reduce the cost and risk of in-house data management, but also to increase the efficiency of its service. The cloud-based service will let The Weather Company take in more than 20 terabytes of data to analyze weather patterns every day and provide optimal speed for delivering the information to consumers.

A similar success occurred in the health sector when startup company Hadoop was able to harness cloud storage to analyze large volumes of cancer research to expedite the development of a potentially effective vaccine. When dealing with the issue of large amounts of data that are contained in massive files, the use of Big Data is a win-win for an organization’s bottom line as well as the for consumers that stand to benefit from the products.

New Developments Indicate Promising Future
In a separate report, InformationWeek writer Jeff Bertolucci wrote about the development of computers learning to write for the sake of Big Data and the massive success of these programs. The written reports the computers produce in plain English can be generated for both broad or niche markets and are primarily focused on data-driven topics like sports, science, and statistics.

Why use a Big Data system to generate such reports on an outsourced basis instead of hiring freelance writers internally? The answer lies in productivity: computers can generate 1,500 to 2,000 individualized updates in a single second, according to interviewee Adam Smith, Automated Insights’ VP of sales and marketing for Fantasy Football. The ability to provide a specific, customer-targeted service such as this one to a wide, loyal audience with speed and accuracy is too significant a leg up on the competition to resist, which is why other data-drive clients have made similar efforts.

In businesses where massive amounts of data are held, security and efficiency benefit from a designated cloud infrastructure, and emerging technologies have made it possible to optimize its use more than ever before. To the naysaying attitude toward the development of Big Data and the cloud, Doug Henschen put it best: “Don’t fear new technologies. Trust your people to learn and evolve, and get your hands a little dirty before you try to hire your way into the future.”

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