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Report: Companies like Cloud BI over On-Premise Software

Friday, October 4th, 2013 by

The rapid proliferation of cloud and Big Data projects has led to the convergence of the two strategies in several ways. Currently, business intelligence (BI) processes are steadily moving to the cloud because many professionals involved in the analytic procedure believe cloud-based initiatives are easier to deploy and use and provide more substantial results.

Report: Companies like cloud BI over on-premise software

Report: Companies like cloud BI over on-premise software

These findings were highlighted in a recent Dimensional Research study of more than 400 BI experts in which 80 percent of respondents using cloud services said they were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the tools at their disposal. Meanwhile, only 51 percent of premise-based BI users expressed the same gratitude.

Although there are many benefits associated with using cloud-enabled business intelligence solutions, 83 percent of respondents said the ability to implement the tools faster than their on-premise counterparts was one of the most significant advantages, Dimensional Research reported. Cloud projects can often be deployed in less than 3 months, compared to on-site initiatives, which tend to last more than 6 months.

“These results confirm that cloud BI solutions are strongly preferred, offering faster, easier, and more economical deployment and lower total cost of ownership, along with superior ease of use, which drives broader user adoption within the organization,” said Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst at Dimensional Research.

Cloud tools are easier to use
For the most part, companies are more willing to leverage cloud computing tools for analytic processes than conventional in-house services. In fact, the study found that more than half of respondents would select a cloud-based initiative over a premise-based strategy, and only 14 percent said they would choose on-premise BI software over a hosted environment. This preference is partially because organizations using the cloud experience higher adoption levels: the majority of respondents said more employees have the ability to access and use cloud BI solutions, compared to only 17 percent of BI professionals who perceived traditional offerings as more user friendly.

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Big Data Management, Usage Plans Often Need Assistance

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 by

Now that organizations have the ability to collect information faster and more efficiently, executives are reconsidering the processes associated with maintaining those resources. Although the Big Data phenomenon offers decision-makers the opportunity to transform operations on multiple levels, the truth is that engaging in these projects requires firms to maintain more digital resources than ever before.

Big data management, usage plans often need assistance

Big Data management, usage plans often need assistance

Although not all Big Data projects require managing massive volumes of information, the proliferation of advanced storage technologies and solutions with huge computing power encourages organizations to gather large amounts of assets. As a result, executives need to assess whether their current data management plans can keep up with these changes and evaluate whether any adjustments are necessary to optimizing performance.

Despite these potential modifications, the majority of companies are now confident about the benefits associated with Big Data. This trend was highlighted in a recent CompTIA study of 500 business and IT decision-makers, which found that 78 percent of respondents said they feel more positive about Big Data as a corporate priority than they did last year. At the same time, organizations are evaluating their methods for using and managing information, ensuring these capabilities stay up to par with evolving demand.

During these assessments, many businesses have come to grips with the fact that they are exactly where they want to be: 57 percent of decision-makers said their information management and usage plans are hitting the mark.

“Data has always been important in the business world, but the Big Data trend has elevated its importance, pushing companies to be smarter in how they manage and use data,” said Tim Herbert, vice president of research and market intelligence at CompTIA.

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