Get on the Road to HIPAA Compliance with GoGrid’s New Solution Bundle

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If your company deals with protected health information (PHI), thinking about HIPAA-compliant IT is something you can’t afford not to do. But achieving HIPAA compliance requires sound security practices, robust technical solutions, and expert security support. That’s a lot to manage, even with a dedicated IT team, which is why we’ve created a turnkey solution to get you started on the road to compliance.


Bundled Services Streamline Time to Compliance

GoGrid’s HIPAA Solution Bundle is designed to be highly available out-of-the-box and includes a recommended set of infrastructure components, managed security monitoring, and reporting. Our Solution features application and database server isolation, breach monitoring and vulnerability assessment reporting, and failover services.

We developed our new HIPAA Solution Bundle to provide a secure cloud solution to help our customers with their HIPAA compliance without requiring they spend their annual IT budget in the process. We also engaged an external HIPAA audit organization to assess the new Solution Bundle and ensure it met the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule objectives.

Naturally, any GoGrid HIPAA customer should carefully study the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule to develop and to deploy the right set of controls to safeguard PHI. Ultimately, no cloud provider can absolutely guarantee a customer’s HIPAA compliance because each organization faces unique business challenges and risks.

GoGrid’s Managed Security Service & HIPAA

A core component of GoGrid’s HIPAA Solution Bundle is our Managed Security Service. We introduced this service a few months ago to provide the insight, intelligence, and integration customers told us they needed. This service is also key to strengthening your HIPAA infrastructure by providing a unified set of security features:

  • Continuous File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) and alerting – This feature monitors, tracks, and alerts when a bad guy has modified or replaced existing critical system files or custom code. I can’t stress enough the importance of tracking both authorized and unauthorized changes on your servers because of the continued rise in zero-day attacks, which often bypass conventional antivirus software.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and alerting by GoGrid’s Security Operations Center (SOC) – Our SOC team monitors your environment 24/7 and contacts you when a security threat requires your immediate attention. With the recent breach notification changes in the new HIPAA Omnibus rule, such a service is no longer an option, but has become a requirement to reduce unauthorized exposure to PHI.
  • Monthly HIPAA report – GoGrid provides a monthly HIPAA report to help you assess your environment’s compliance and focus on those areas that need improvement. You can also use the monthly HIPAA report as historical evidence that your organization has addressed security issues as they arise. Your organization must objectively demonstrate that you are safeguarding PHI because the new HIPAA Enforcement Rule fines are hefty for violations due to willful neglect—and there’s no maximum fine per year.
Monthly HIPAA report

Monthly HIPAA report

Achieving HIPAA compliance is easier when you have someone in your corner, especially when it’s an experienced provider that can help you avoid the inevitable pitfalls while providing the expertise many organizations lack. Take a look at the handy matrix we’ve created to learn more about which compliance activities are your responsibility versus GoGrid’s. And when you’re ready to get started, just contact one of our cloud experts. What have you got to lose?

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Mario Duarte

Director of Security at GoGrid
Mario is GoGrid's Director of Security responsible for all security-related activities. He has 14 years of experience as a security professional working in the retail, health care, and financial sectors. He has built and managed security teams, developed and implemented security programs, and managed PCI and HIPAA compliance initiatives for medium and large organizations.

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