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The cloud is an important part of many companies’ IT strategies. However, there are many companies that have already made a large investment in infrastructure in their data centers. How can they take advantage of all the cloud has to offer without abandoning their investment? The answer is Cloud Bridge – private, dedicated access to the GoGrid cloud from anywhere.

Connecting to the Cloud

Cloud Bridge is your access point into the GoGrid cloud. It supports Layer 2 connections from cross-connects within a partner data center or with carrier connections from just about anywhere. Cloud Bridge is designed to be simple –  just select the port speed you prefer: 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or 10 Gbps (only in US-East-1). There’s also no long-term commitment required to use Cloud Bridge – pay only for what you use and cancel anytime. Traffic across Cloud Bridge is unmetered, so you only pay for access to the port. You also have the option of selecting a redundant setup: Purchase two ports in a redundant configuration and you’ll get an aggregate link. Not only will your traffic have physical redundancy, but you’ll also get all the speed available to both ports (for example, 2 Gbps of bandwidth with redundant 1-Gbps ports selected). You can access Cloud Bridge from equipment that you have in GoGrid’s Co-Location Service, a partner data center (like Equinix via a cross-connect), or from your data center using one of your carriers or with one of our partner resellers.

Why Cloud Bridge

Customers that want to use Cloud Bridge are typically looking to solve the following use cases:

Cloud “Bursting”

These are often customers that have already invested in equipment and want to take advantage of the capabilities of the cloud without building out a Private Cloud. In this scenario, customers have specialized equipment to store their data but want to deploy cloud servers on-demand. They have situations where there’s a large increase in demand and they need to spin up additional web servers quickly and seamlessly. The cloud is the right solution for scalability and elasticity. In addition, because Cloud Bridge uses a simple Layer 2 connection, both the cloud servers and the specialized equipment can reside on the same network. Using Cloud Bridge, customers are now able to maintain their investment in equipment while still being able to launch cloud servers on-demand.

Online Backups

Customers can use Cloud Bridge to tie their cloud servers on GoGrid to their customer provisioned equipment (CPE). Using backup software, they can then backup files from their CPE to GoGrid and vice versa. This is a fast, secure, and private method of backup because it’s on the private network and never travels over public lines.

Cloud Migration

These are customers that are planning on moving completely to the cloud but have large data sets and/or complex workloads. Cloud Bridge is a strong fit for this use case because it can offer high speeds and low jitter. And because there’s no charge for traffic, sending large files isn’t a problem. GoGrid is designed to handle multi-site architectures, so even spanning a site between GoGrid and an existing data center is easy. GoGrid’s Dynamic Load Balancers are designed to add real servers that are outside GoGrid’s IP space. Using this service, customers can run a website with real servers on both the existing data center and the cloud. As the existing data center is shut down, customers won’t experience down time because the load balancer is attached to a real server pool where active servers are always available.

Ordering Cloud Bridge

Ordering Cloud Bridge is easy. Cloud Bridge is available as an option on the GoGrid management console. Select Add and you’ll be prompted with the “Add a New Object” screen. Make sure to select the data center in which you want to connect to Cloud Bridge because the options will differ and the product is data-center-specific. In the pop-up window, click on Network to display the Cloud Bridge icon, and select it.


Once you select the icon, our team will be notified of your request. You’ll need to work with your partner data center or carrier to make the connection to Cloud Bridge. You won’t be able to use Cloud Bridge without configuring your connectivity first, so don’t skip that step. Once you’ve requested and configured your connection, you’ll be ready to test Cloud Bridge when our team notifies you that they’ve setup your port.

Multiple Options

Cloud Bridge is a flexible product. You can access it with a simple cross-connect from your CPE. You can also work with a carrier and connect your data center to GoGrid via Cloud Bridge. If you’re interested in the Equinix Ethernet Exchange in their Ashburn data center, GoGrid is a certified network partner. We have a connection to the Exchange and have been verified by their Network Engineers.

Regardless of how you want to connect, Cloud Bridge makes it simple, easy, and affordable to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud while maintaining existing investments in your infrastructure. Contact our sales team if you want to learn more about this product and to see if we have any promotions available.

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