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The Cloud’s Future Remains Diverse

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Businesses around the world are leveraging various cloud computing technologies to either get ahead of or keep up with their competitors. Doing so is especially important in today’s otherwise unpredictable economy, which is encouraging decision-makers to improve their internal operations without driving expenses through the roof.

The cloud's future remains diverse

The cloud’s future remains diverse

Investing in the cloud is one of the best ways for organizations to take advantage of these opportunities, and the majority of enterprises are doing just that. Yet, not all firms feel the same way toward every available cloud model. This finding was highlighted in a recent Vanson Bourne study of 400 US and UK businesses, which found that a large portion of firms are adopting both public and private cloud services. In fact, roughly 60 percent of respondents said a combination of the two technologies will likely be the culmination of their cloud computing initiatives.

Experts said that many organizations started out with a public-only cloud mentality because the scalability and cost-saving capabilities of the multi-tenant model were highly influential. After some time, however, some decision-makers began to recognize that incorporating a private cloud infrastructure into their public cloud strategies would introduce even greater benefits.

“They may have started with a public cloud-only architecture but have come to realize the limitations of this approach as they’ve continued on their cloud journey,” cloud expert John Engates asserted.

Why converge the cloud?
The survey revealed that the need to improve security is often one of the main reasons for implementing private cloud offerings on top of public services. Although the cloud may be inherently more secure than traditional IT environments, the multi-tenant nature of public offerings sometimes makes it more difficult for decision-makers to exercise control over their infrastructure. The private cloud, on the other hand, is by definition easier to manage and safeguard.

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