Cloud, Big Data disrupt traditional IT management

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As business employees demand the use of more innovative technologies, enterprise decision-makers and IT procurement professionals are being charged with the responsibility of adopting those solutions in the workplace. This requirement means that companies need to find effective ways to incorporate what are often called next-generation services into existing operations without disrupting efficiency, availability, or security.

Cloud, big data disrupt traditional IT management

Cloud, Big Data disrupt traditional IT management

Although successfully carrying out these tasks can be a major boon for organizations, failing to properly implement these sophisticated tools in the business world can invite unnecessary headache and costs. In many cases, the latter is more devastating because executives often cite the need to keep expenses down in today’s unpredictable economy among their top priorities. This trend was highlighted in a recent Gartner report, which said IT asset management and procurement professionals are facing several distinct disruptions in the IT landscape that are forcing them to evolve their strategies.

Out of a total of eight occurrences highlighted in the report, some are influencing the corporate landscape more so than others. Analysts said decision-makers need to find ways to manage these solutions if they are to keep operations running effectively.

The cloud effect
Gartner stated that cloud computing is rapidly becoming a major priority for most companies because the hosted solutions promise to reduce costs and augment current operations with more efficient practices. In fact, analysts forecast the global public cloud market to generate more than $180 billion in revenue by 2015, up from $131 billion by the end of this year. Executives who want to make use of the cloud need to develop well-rounded cost models that compare the financial specs of the cloud with those of traditional services.

Additionally, IT procurement professionals need to be on the lookout for instances when they may be inadvertently or purposefully bypassed, the report noted. In some cases, the consumerization of IT is so encouraging to employees that they neglect to follow policies and implement cloud infrastructure services on their own. Although this finding suggests that the cloud is highly effective and in demand, the process of circumventing IT could potentially introduce security and performance issues that could have a lasting negative impact on the company as a whole.

In addition to the cloud, organizations also need to be on the lookout for the amalgamation of various types of information that may not have been discovered before.

The data disruption
The ongoing adoption of the cloud is contributing to another phenomenon occurring in the business world: Big Data. By providing employees with new opportunities to leverage sophisticated applications at all times, companies will inevitably capture larger volumes of information. As this happens, IT procurement and asset management professionals need to ensure they have the business intelligence and analytic solutions in place to decipher unstructured data and turn it into meaningful information that can be used to give firms a competitive advantage, Gartner reported.

A Visiongain report recently highlighted how 80 percent of enterprises are now investing some part of their IT budget into Big Data projects, pushing the global market to generate roughly $12.4 billion in revenue by the end of 2013. Analysts said the adoption of these strategies will become more common in the coming years as decision-makers recognize the potential opportunities that can be experienced when the projects are implemented carefully and within the budget.

Forward-thinking executives need to consider how they can embrace cloud computing and Big Data initiatives simultaneously without putting too much pressure on the bottom line. By working with trusted providers and educating the workforce on best practices, enterprises around the world will be able to manage these significant IT disruptions without much trouble.

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