Infographic: Cloud, Mobile, and Advertising—Primed for Growth

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If you use a smartphone, you know all about mobile ads. Maybe a promo just popped up on your iPhone for a store you’re passing, or you’re offered a discount on a product mentioned in a news article you’re reading on your tablet during your commute. But what you may not know is the compute power required to serve you those tiny, enticing advertisements. We’re not talking about just a few servers, either—we’re talking about a whole bunch of data-processing giants capable of handling thousands of transactions simultaneously while ensuring the proper message is delivered to the correct user on the right device at the ideal time. That’s not a simple undertaking, and certainly not a trivial implementation of infrastructure.

Online and mobile advertising in general is complex. There are hundreds of different factors that come into play each and every time an online ad is served. Sophisticated advertising platforms track a large range of variables, including:

  • User location
  • Click-throughs
  • User preferences
  • Exposure history
  • Purchase history
  • Cookies
  • Advertisers
  • Copy & digital content
  • Device information
  • A variety of other touch points

The result of all this data-crunching is ads that seem customized for a specific user, increasing conversion and revenue for the advertiser and presenting a better overall experience for the customer.

Why should advertisers jump on the cloud?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) growth is already reaching stratospheric heights and is predicted to continue to grow, with 62% of companies reporting use of the cloud within their organizations. Similarly, the advertising market—and specifically mobile advertising—grew by 111% in 2012 and is expected to reach $11 billion by 2017. When you pair the cloud with advertising and then throw mobile into the mix, you have a marketplace that’s primed for tremendous growth and, of course, tremendous opportunity.

To illustrate the dramatic gains in both cloud and advertising networks, we’ve put together the following infographic, “Boost Ad Delivery & Revenue with the Cloud.” The first in a series of 60-second guides, the graphic will show you in only a minute why the cloud is powering this lucrative advertising market.


Feel free to download and share this infographic (of course, we’d appreciate a link back to this article if you decide to use it).

How can ad networks take advantage of the cloud?

If the mobile advertising industry is growing and this growth is powered by cloud infrastructure, what does that mean for advertising networks? Advertising networks have some clear requirements when it comes to architecting their infrastructure to support the data- and transaction-intensive environments that serve their customers’ ads and keep them in the black. Their optimal solution must:

  • Have scalability built into the architecture
  • Handle high-volume transactions
  • Be reinforced with a global presence & serve local content via local infrastructure
  • Support high-performance compute
  • Be resistant to latency
  • Be able to support Big Data implementations
  • Be cost-effective

In the past, ads were traditionally served from racks of bare metal servers; today, however, a cloud infrastructure provides the surest way to meet many—if not all—of the above requirements. As advertisers look for new ways to scale and be agile (or fall behind), the cloud offers the best support for the high-volume transactions required by the Big Data applications that run leading ad network platforms. By relying on the flexibility and scalability of the cloud to deliver their ad solutions topped with the “secret sauce” customers crave, mobile advertisers can ensure they’re architecting for awesome advertising success.

Interested in learning how leading ad networks like Brilig and Martini Media turbo-charge their ad-serving infrastructure and support mobile advertising initiatives using our cloud? Chat with a cloud expert today to learn more.

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Barbara Jurin

Barbara Jurin

Director of Marketing at GoGrid
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