Cloud infrastructure supports agile IT endeavors

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Companies often seek to use¬†cloud computing technologies in an effort to improve business agility at a lower cost than other technical endeavors. Although hosted environments have an inherent flexibility that lets organizations carry out tasks more efficiently, decision-makers can’t simply deploy one cloud service and expect to reap all the rewards. Instead, enterprises need to ensure the cloud architectures they use have the necessary qualities to support a more agile workplace.

In today’s fast-paced business world, application agility is one of the best characteristics for an organization to have because it ensures employees can access and use mission-critical solutions from virtually anywhere. A recent CIO report report highlighted how leveraging an efficient cloud infrastructure service can dramatically improve efficiency as a result of its easy scalability and automated provisioning. When these characteristics are combined with other critical elements, companies can be sure they have the agile qualities they need to thrive.

Cloud infrastructure supports agile IT endeavors

Cloud infrastructure supports agile IT endeavors

Embrace agile development
In the past, there was one tried-and-true method for application development used by most of the business world. Today, the diversity of the corporate landscape has encouraged decision-makers to pursue strategies that differ from competitors to create room for possible advantages. This demand, coupled with the proliferation of cloud computing and mobile projects, has led to the emergence of the agile development movement.

CIO noted that this mentality is considered the norm in today’s enterprise, although many firms have yet to deploy these strategies effectively. By incorporating an agile development concept into the cloud infrastructure, employees can gain access to the automated tools they need to circumvent old processes that often resulted in unwanted, unused, or inefficient applications.

A separate First Line Software report echoed the importance of including the cloud in an agile development strategy because the hosted technology supports greater levels of service delivery and encourages users to take advantage of its scalable capacity. When enterprises leverage cloud and agile initiatives simultaneously, they can streamlines the creation and deployment process to ensure employees can take full advantage of the tools in a timely manner.

Provide common tools
The CIO report noted that organizations often took a siloed approach when building and using applications, which often introduced interoperability, availability, and general performance concerns that inhibited individuals from getting the job done. Although there are many benefits associated with incorporating a cloud infrastructure, the ability to provide the entire workforce with a common pool of consistent solutions is among its most important qualities.

These tools also need to be used throughout the entire lifecycle of an application, not just its development process, CIO stated. Rather than having multiple departments leverage different sets of services, decision-makers should implement a cloud infrastructure that provides the entire workforce with a homogeneous assortment of technologies to support next-generation operations.

In the coming years, the use of applications in the business world is bound to change. For this reason, among others, enterprise executives need to consider deploying a cloud infrastructure that not only provides employees with better agile capabilities and more consistent technologies, but is also adaptable. These characteristics make the cloud a highly critical component in firms that are trying to stay competitive.

By planning ahead and working with a trusted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, businesses can design a cloud architecture that supports their needs. Rather than jumping at the first solution to provide promise, decision-makers should weigh their options and understand how incorporating efficient cloud-computing technologies into the picture can make the entire landscape brighter.

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