Managing Your World (At Least Your Infrastructure) Just Got Easier: New Managed Services

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If I think back over my years in tech, the term “managed services” usually meant one of two extremes: At one end were pricey consultants that advised you how to do something extremely complex like business process reengineering (remember BPR?) and then ended up doing it for you—usually at an astounding cost. At the other end were providers of services like email that have since become commodities and are now typically free for individuals (Gmail anyone?) or bundled with other value-added services into an office productivity “suite” for businesses.

In both cases, the mere phrase “managed services” used to create fear within the IT team as they faced the prospect of either changing a proven, established process or figuring out how to integrate a new solution with existing systems and equipment. Luckily, managed services have come a long way since then. That’s why GoGrid’s new Managed Services offer 3 things customers have told us they need:

  1. Insight
  2. Intelligence
  3. Integration

Grab a peek under the covers (insight)

Both our new Managed Monitoring Service and our Managed Security Service provide something indispensable: the ability to know what’s happening in your environment in real time—and act on it, if necessary. As John Joyner noted in TechRepublic, “If you care about uptime and maintaining good performance of any server or application, you need monitoring, too.” That type of insight is clearly valuable to a business when it results from a valid threat about a security breach or notification of a down server. However, our customers tell us it’s equally useful to see when a change occurs from deploying new code, for example. Receiving comprehensive, focused data in context about their infrastructure is what elevates that information above mere “noise.”


Get the right metrics and reports (intelligence)

Our new Managed Services also provide the continuous monitoring and reporting capabilities many companies need to meet PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements. In fact, we’re using the same Managed Security Service internally at GoGrid to facilitate our compliance initiatives. This pattern is one we’ve followed for years: We first launched our IaaS solution after realizing we needed to be able to scale our infrastructure to accommodate increasing demand—and that our customers would probably want to do the same thing. This approach lets us test a solution, work out any bugs, and fine-tune it before pushing it out to customers. That way, they benefit from our experience and we can continue to enhance our services and solutions based on their feedback, just as we’ve done with Managed Services.

Keep leveraging our cloud platform (integration)

All of GoGrid’s solutions and our new Managed Services are supported by our cloud platform. One of the best things about our platform is its ability to extend outside the GoGrid environment. Some of our newer products like Dynamic Load Balancers, for example, let you seamlessly load balance non-GoGrid IPs as well as GoGrid servers. In some cases, we may decide to use a commercial best-of-breed solution instead of developing it ourselves, as we did by choosing AlienVault’s Unified Security Management platform as the basis for our Managed Security Service. Our ability to integrate other clouds into GoGrid’s cloud platform demonstrates its flexibility and confirms our dedication to providing the very best solutions and services to our customers.

Getting started is easy: Just contact one of our cloud experts. Be sure to check out our Managed Monitoring and Managed Security Services today and let us know what you think.

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Barbara Jurin

Barbara Jurin

Director of Marketing at GoGrid
Barbara Jurin is the Director of Marketing at GoGrid with responsibility for developing and sharing information about the company’s products, initiatives, and culture. She uses her technology background and industry knowledge to raise brand awareness and highlight customer success in the cloud. She has extensive editorial and content strategy experience at both start-up and public companies in Silicon Valley that are devoted to turning emerging technologies into innovative solutions for customers across multiple industries.

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