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If you’re an online advertising company, you know how important it is to have infrastructure that performs and is resilient, reliable, and available globally. You want to spend your time optimizing your ad delivery across the world, developing your delivery platform, and not on worrying about whether your infrastructure can deliver your content quickly and accurately.

We get advertising. We all click on an online ad or read the messaging or watch the videos. We have customers that are pushing the technology envelope to deliver their advertising to end users. And many of our advertising customers have complex cloud infrastructure powering their platforms.

Advertising in the Cloud - Ad Network architecture

From Big Data architectures to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to multi-data-center deployments, our solutions are carefully designed to meet the unique needs of advertising providers. And although you could do it all yourself in our global cloud, we view ourselves as your partner. Our Solutions Architects are available to help you identify the best services we provide for crafting your advertising delivery platform. Remember: You need to design your infrastructure to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, and we believe you shouldn’t go at it alone.

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Three Advertising Leaders

The network architecture charts above are actual representations of 3 of our advertising customers, specifically Brilig (Merkel), Excite Digital Media, and Martini Media. The case studies below discuss the unique challenges each of them faced and how we worked together to develop powerful cloud solutions.

Brilig (Merkel):

Brilig (Merkel) operates the world’s first cooperative data marketplace for online display advertising created by “de-siloing” thousands of databases with information about potential consumers. Advertisers can buy space in 7,500+ market segments, enabling very precise ad targeting. It takes a lot of data—and power—to generate all those segments, however. By running its Hadoop-based Big Data solution on GoGrid’s cloud infrastructure, Brilig is able to process more than 300 million requests per day (4x faster than previously), support an annual 10x increase in the use of its service, and reduce infrastructure costs by as much as 50%.

Excite Digital Media:

An Australian-based search engine marketing (SEM) leader, Excite Digital Media created a flexible network architecture for scalability and performance that includes Mongo database servers on a private VLAN and Cloud Servers. The Excite infrastructure on GoGrid acts as a hub for the complex interactions among publishers, distribution partners, and advertising networks that are the essence of the company’s services. Excite also maintains a staging environment on GoGrid to test its innovations. GoGrid’s proximity to the main data centers for Yahoo! and, two of Excite’s key distribution partners, helps reduce the risk of latency. The GoGrid CDN, which includes global points of presence, provides a further performance boost.

Martini Media:

Martini Media’s media platform lets advertisers reach the most coveted US consumers with the right ads. Precise, timely targeting requires effective algorithms, huge quantities of data, and fast processing, which is why Martini Media uses a Big Data approach and GoGrid’s infrastructure as a service. Its flexible network architecture for Big Data includes Cassandra databases on Dedicated Servers, elastic Cloud Servers, and a private connection (CloudLink) for coast-to-coast Cassandra replication. With this approach, Martini can reduce latency and increase throughput speed to serve targeted ads in as little as 150 milliseconds while supporting 100% annual growth.

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Crafting Your Advertising Platform in the Cloud

So what comprises the ideal advertising platform? Although many of the secrets aren’t shared, there does seem to be a commonality: cloud computing. And if you have the proper ingredients, you can cook some amazing solutions:

  • Big Data – Ensure that you’re analyzing and serving the right ads to the right audience segment
  • Cloud Servers – Have a scalable front end of web and application servers at the ready
  • CloudLink – Join your GoGrid cloud environments
  • Firewall Service – Protecting your infrastructure is critical, and GoGrid’s Firewall Service protects all your server types using global Security Groups and automatically synchronizes Policy updates across data centers
  • Dynamic Load Balancers – Having set up a scalable front end, ensure traffic is being distributed to your ad-serving servers
  • Content Delivery Network – With GoGrid’s CDN, you can get your content out to the edge, globalize it, and make sure your ads appear—fast

The tools are available to make your ad platform truly perform. When you choose to build out that platform globally, make sure you have a cloud partner that can help you get there easily.

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