The Top 3 Private Networking Use Cases for CloudLink

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Public clouds are fantastic for a majority of infrastructure use cases. And interconnectivity between clouds enables myriad solutions to empower businesses to have multiple synchronized points of presence across the world. Companies can easily set up connections that traverse the public Internet as a means to transmit and potentially synchronize data between cloud data centers. But these connections need to be reliable and more often than not, private.

CloudLink private network between cloud data centers

CloudLink private network between cloud data centers

With public network connections between clouds, users are at the mercy of hops and latency. For example, data may take one route with a particular number of hops, and a second later, may follow a completely different path and take a longer or shorter amount of time based on the connection.

In terms of securing the transport, some companies rely on point-to-point VPN connections using a hardware or software solution or some combination of the two. However, these solutions are also constrained by the connection and have limited speeds.

There are some scenarios or use cases that warrant using dedicated private networking to join geographically dispersed clouds. This is where GoGrid’s CloudLink service comes into play.

GoGrid’s CloudLink is a data center interconnect product—a redundant 10 Gbps pipe that is isolated to GoGrid traffic only. CloudLink enables private network traffic between different servers in GoGrid’s US data centers. As part of our “Complex Infrastructure Made Easy” mission, we designed this service to be basic yet powerful and still meet the needs of demanding organizations. Because this is a private network, much like the private network within GoGrid’s standard cloud infrastructure, there are no bandwidth costs. You simply decide on the connection speed (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1 Gbps), configure your connection, and pay for just the dedicated connection.

Enabling Businesses with CloudLink

Over the past year, we’ve been helping customers enable CloudLink’s private networking service within their cloud infrastructure, and we have seen a use case pattern emerge. Here are 3 of the most frequent uses of CloudLink:

Geographic customer reach – Fast response time and low latency makes your customers happy. One of the best ways to ensure this happiness is to place infrastructure where your customers reside. To make the experience seamless, you need to mirror compute and application clusters in real time, particularly if rapid change management is required for code pushes. CloudLink connects our geographically dispersed customers’ infrastructure privately and securely to make sure their environments remain up-to-date. (Read the Excite Digital Media case study.)

Database multi-site replicationBig Data coupled with geographic distribution means that you need to think about data replication to support scalability, reliability, and performance. CloudLink has helped many of our customers create distributed data clusters between GoGrid data centers while ensuring the transmission and synchronization of their data is secure and private. (Read the Martini Media case study.)

Disaster backup & recovery – Customers are configuring “hot” and “warm” disaster recovery solutions where data and files co-exist between data centers. Used in conjunction with other GoGrid services like Dynamic Load Balancing or our Firewall Service, CloudLink helps companies ensure their critical information is secure and synchronized within all environments.

GoGrid CloudLink promotion: 6 months of 20 Mbps service for FREE!

GoGrid CloudLink promotion: 6 months of 20 Mbps service for FREE!

Promotion! Still not convinced by the above use cases? Want to try it out? How does 6 months of FREE 20 Mbps CloudLink service sound? GoGrid customers can sign up for a free, 20 Mbps CloudLink account if they mention this blog post to a GoGrid sales rep. That’s over $1,000 of free service!

CloudLink is a powerful way for companies to privately connect their infrastructure residing in different GoGrid cloud data centers. It’s private, fast, secure, and bridges the gap between our data centers. How will you be using it?

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