Companies becoming more confident in cloud benefits

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Although businesses around the world are leveraging cloud computing more frequently now than in the past, decision-makers are still relatively unfamiliar with the technology and are more likely to make important choices based on instinct rather than understanding. Still, executives are trying to get better acquainted with the cloud because they know the hosted services will play a crucial role in the development of the overall private sector in the years to come.

A recent survey by The Open Group highlighted this occurrence, noting that more than 92 percent of IT professionals said they have already implemented the cloud and are using it for business purposes or are researching how the technology can improve operations. This is a slight increase from 2011 and represents a shift in the private sector.

Companies becoming more confident in cloud benefits

Companies becoming more confident in cloud benefits

Yet not all companies deploy the same cloud models because each has unique needs that may be met more easily by one service than another. The Open Group revealed that nearly 30 percent of respondents were using the private cloud in 2011 while another 17 percent adopted public offerings. In 2012, these rates increased to nearly 60 percent and more than 25 percent, respectively, suggesting that decision-makers around the world have become more trusting of the cloud.

What are the perks of using the cloud?
The study found that approximately 83 percent of IT professionals believe the cloud will have a significant impact on at least one business process in the coming years. This is because using the cloud provides firms with a number of advantages.

In fact, The Open Group revealed that improving cost savings, business agility and resource optimization were the top three reasons for deploying the cloud. Other important drivers behind implementing the hosted technology included enhancing business continuity efforts, eliminating obstacles to support innovation and boosting the quality of overall IT support.

Embracing the mobile era is another major reason why so many organizations around the world are using the cloud, according to CDW. As consumerization trends continue to disrupt the workplace, decision-makers need to accept these transformations or risk losing their competitive edge.

“By aligning cloud services with critical applications and preferences of employees that use mobile devices, organizations can better capture business value that includes cost savings, increased efficiency, improved employee mobility, and an increased ability to create innovative new products and services,” said Stephen Braat, general manager of cloud solutions at CDW.

Overcoming misconceptions
Because the cloud is relatively new, enterprises and small businesses alike need to overcome some of the fallacies with using the technology. The Open Group said many decision-makers are doing this by developing custom security controls and usage policies that eliminate potential risks. Other executives are launching training programs to teach the general workforce how to conduct mission-critical corporate tasks in the cloud. This planning and education will help firms remain competitive and efficient in the years to come, despite any unforeseen obstacles.

The cloud will only become more important to achieving success in the private sector in the future as the technology matures and evolves, allowing companies of all sizes to adopt hosted services. By recognizing their company’s unique demands and requirements, decision-makers can find the right cloud models and offerings that meet their needs and provide a number of long-term benefits. This planning will eliminate any misconceptions associated with using the cloud in the workplace and give firms a leg up over rival firms in an increasingly competitive business world.

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