Decision-makers need new approach to IT, Gartner says

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Businesses of all sizes around the world are beginning to adopt innovative technologies like cloud computing, mobile devices and big data analytics to improve operations, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage over rival firms. However, many decision-makers are not aware of all the capabilities of these solutions when used in the workplace, leading to a less-than-optimal organization.

A recent study of more than 2,000 CIOs by Gartner revealed the enterprises only recognize about 43 percent of a technology’s full business potential. If IT is to remain a crucial component of the corporate world, decision-makers need to learn more about innovative tools and how to use them in the workplace.

Decision-makers need new approach to IT, Gartner says

Decision-makers need new approach to IT, Gartner says

“Digital technologies provide a platform to achieve results, but only if CIOs adopt new roles and behaviors to find digital value,” said Mark McDonald, group vice president at Gartner. “CIOs require a new agenda that incorporates hunting for new digital innovations and opportunities and harvesting value from products, services and operations.”

Gartner analysts said cloud infrastructure, big data and mobility have all reached a tipping point during the last 18 months, forcing IT executives to increase the potential of the services by developing new usage and deployment strategies. Unfortunately, many CIOs believe their IT budget will remain relatively stagnant, suggesting a new mentality is needed to ensure the survival of technology in the business world.

“In a world of change, it is concerning that around half of CIOs surveyed do not see IT’s enterprise role changing over the next three years,” McDonald said.

Viewing IT from a new perspective
Cloud computing, including Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service, was ranked as the third-most important technology priority in 2013, behind only mobility and business intelligence tools, Gartner reported. Executives hope that their use of advanced digital solutions will enable them to reach their corporate goals, which include growing in size, reducing expenses and attracting and retaining new customers. Decision-makers also want to improve their use of IT to boost efficiency, strengthen the workforce and expand into new markets.

“IT needs new tools if it hopes to hunt for technology-intensive innovation and harvest raised business performance from transformed IT infrastructure, operations and applications,” McDonald said. “Without change, CIOs and IT consign themselves to tending a garden of legacy assets and responsibilities.”

Gartner revealed that more than 50 percent of IT executives believe the public cloud will be the most disruptive technological force in 2013, while other decision-makers rank social media, analytics and big data at the top. However, companies need to recognize that isolating new solutions will not render any significant changes. Instead, firms need to embrace these IT deployments in combination if they want to succeed in the coming years.

A separate report by IDC forecast IT spending to exceed $2.1 trillion in 2013, up 5.7 percent from 2012. Analysts predict that the cloud will be among the most disruptive forces to hit the industry, largely because organizations around the world are becoming more confident in the growing market.

“As CIOs continue to amplify the enterprise with digital technologies while improving IT organizational structure, management and governance, 2013 promises to be a year of dual priorities,” said Dave Aron, vice president at Gartner.

By planning ahead and acquiring a better understanding of the evolving IT landscape, executives will be better prepared to make informed decisions about which solutions to deploy and how to use them in the workplace. This knowledge will inevitably give their organization a leg up over the competition that is struggling to allocate its IT budget proportionately.

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