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GoGrid has recently released some new features that improve on the customer experience using our private network.  Private Network Automation (PNA) is currently available in all our data centers. As of this most recent release, these new features will be exposed if you enable PNA by contacting support:

  • All servers will have a private IP assigned upon creation (both virtual and dedicated)
  • Any private IPs that are used will be marked as assigned on the portal
  • Cloud Storage no longer requires static routes. It is now accessible via your favorite protocol (Samba, SCP, etc.)

The assignment of private IPs happen automatically at the time a new server is deployed. GoGrid has enabled this for all new customers. If you are an existing customer, this is feature IS NOT enabled in data centers where you have servers deployed. You will need to file a support ticket to request this feature. Note that once enabled, this will be active for all new servers only – existing servers will keep their existing settings.

As you can see from the screenshot below, once you create the server, you will have a public IP and a private IP assigned. Note that this feature is enabled for both virtual and dedicated servers.


This is also visible in the Networking tab so that you can monitor private IPs that have been assigned from your block.


This is a helpful feature since you no longer need to set a static IP manually for each server. This is useful for customers who want to create servers that communicate via private network (e.g. databases), to configure database replication or to set up cloud storage.

If you have PNA enabled, you will no longer need to write static routes for cloud storage. You only need to access your cloud storage via your favorite protocol (e.g. samba, scp, etc.). Please see the GoGrid wiki for further information on how to access cloud storage using one of those protocols (Samba, rsync, or SCP).  This should simplify accessing cloud storage from each of your servers. Note that you can only access cloud storage that is in the same data center as your server.

The changes occur behind the scenes and are available to all customers. We hope that PNA does simplify some activities that may have been time consuming in the past. Connecting cloud storage, CloudLink, or using services that require a static private IP should all be much easier with this feature enabled. If you don’t see this feature available,  it may not be enabled on your account or for servers. Since everyone’s networking needs are different I recommend working with your sales rep first before enabling this on your account. However, once you have had that discussion, you can enable it by filing a ticket with support.

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Director, Product Management at GoGrid
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