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Cloud computing in 2013

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 by

Although cloud services have been gaining momentum and garnering a lot of attention during the last several years, next year’s adoption strategies will be different. In 2013, enterprise executives will get real about cloud computing and finally understand what it takes to make effective strategic decisions, according to a blog report by Forrester Research analyst James Staten.

Cloud computing in 2013

While there have been many early adopters of the cloud, the technology has primarily hidden in the shadows, largely because IT departments were still relatively unsure whether the hosted solutions would truly deliver any benefits. Next year, however, IT executives will no longer deny the existence of the cloud, Staten noted, as 2013 will be a shining year for when the cloud truly takes off.

No more mindless deployments

In the coming year, decision-makers will be smarter about implementing cloud services. The once common thought of “everything will move to the cloud” will no longer encourage executives to blindly launch cloud computing projects without planning ahead, Staten said. As a whole, the private sector now has enough knowledge of the cloud to recognize the subtle differences between varying virtual architectures, enabling managers to make sound decisions toward launching an effective strategy.

Cloud computing is not a commodity

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