Got Growing Pains? 3 Ways to Painlessly Scale your Cloud

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Everybody wants to be successful. Although we can often learn from our mistakes, we can also avoid pitfalls and hurdles by doing a little bit of research and even some trial and error in advance. Part of being successful is choosing the right team, the right tools, and the right partner for your project. And when it comes to building out your company’s infrastructure, any solution or partner you choose should be cost-effective and helpful so you absolutely don’t compromise on reliability or performance.


In order to be successful, your infrastructure should be ready for this success. Here are three things to think about when scaling your business and its infrastructure:

  1. Plan for success – Don’t think about just 1 week or 1 month down the road. Look at your historical information. Look at your competitor’s traffic. Is your industry seasonal? Figure out where those peaks and valleys are and plan for them.
  2. Do some testing – Don’t just hypothesize on how well your infrastructure will perform. Do some real world testing. There are many 3rd party software and SaaS solutions that can simulate load on your site. Test some various scenarios with and without extra infrastructure. Test your scaling, manual or automated.
  3. Plan also for failure – What if something doesn’t go as expected, are you ready for that? Part of developing a scalability strategy is also working on those less-than-positive scenarios. Planning for success is fun, but planning for failures is just as important.

How GoGrid can help

For more than 10 years, GoGrid has been delivering compelling infrastructure solutions worldwide. We believe in a consultative approach because we understand that every business needs solutions that fit their unique requirements. When it comes to success, cookie-cutter approaches simply don’t work.

Whether you’re a startup about to release the fruits of your team’s labors to the public or an established business looking to grow your market share, a core requirement is being able to scale and grow with your business and customer demands. If you’re small, you want to get bigger; if you’re big, you want to be huge. But how do you get there?

We can’t tell you how to run your business, or even what features or services will make you succeed. We can, however, help you down the path of ensuring that WHEN your business or product becomes successful, your infrastructure will be able to handle the success. We often talk to our customers about creating n-tiered applications that scale based on demand. That means if and when your architecture needs to grow, it can.


Ways to scale

There are two ways to scale: horizontally or vertically. If a single application server can service 100 concurrent sessions and you expect a burst of traffic due to a press release, new product launch, or media coverage, for example, you need to add more servers to handle the load. For this type of activity, you’d scale horizontally—that is, add more servers in line to handle increased traffic, with a load balancer to distribute the load. You can easily scale out web or application servers horizontally using either our management console or our API. Our GoGrid Server Image (GSI) feature lets you to make this adjustment quickly and easily. Sometimes, however, you’ll need vertical scalability, where you add more RAM or CPU to handle increased workloads within a single server. With GoGrid Cloud Servers, you can scale vertically as well.


Using a combination of GoGrid services, you can configure your business infrastructure to meet the specific demands of your customers’ usage patterns. To craft your scalable website or application platform, you can choose from a variety of GoGrid services and features:

  • Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Load Balancers
  • Firewalls
  • Cloud Storage
  • GoGrid Server Images
  • Public & Private Network Management
  • API & Management Console
  • CloudLink
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Build the infrastructure that will make your customers happy. If they’re happy (and successful), you’ll be too.

Next steps

If you don’t know how to plan and deploy the optimal combination and configuration of GoGrid cloud services, we’re here to help. Simply set up a free consultation with one of our cloud solutions architects by contacting us.

Good luck! And don’t forget: plan, test and then plan some more!

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