Business Intelligence in the Cloud – GoGrid CEO John Keagy Speaks at JasperWorld 2012

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This week, GoGrid partner, Jaspersoft kicks off JasperWorld 2012 in San Francisco, CA. If you are in the area and are interested in Business Intelligence (BI), learning how to manage and digest large quantities of customer and business data, and how to leverage JasperSoft as your data analytics platform in the cloud, you definitely should consider attending JasperWorld.


Jaspersoft provides the most flexible and widely deployed open source BI platform in the world, enabling better decision-making through web-based reporting and analysis.

Speaker & Panel Info

GoGrid CEO and founder, John Keagy is a panelist at one of the sessions at JasperWorld. Information on the panel is below (as well as on

Title: BI Building in the Cloud
Track: Panel Session – Cyrill Magnin I, II, III (Level 4) – Parc 55 Wyndham
Date: 9/25/12
Time: 11:30am – 12:10pm (Pacific)
Moderator: Edd Dumbill
Speakers: Jan Aleman, John Keagy, Roger Sippl, Issac Roth
Abstract: SaaS applications have grown significantly, fueled by the efficiencies of a Cloud-based deployment. The next generation of applications are not only being deployed in the Cloud, they’re being built in the Cloud. Jaspersoft is bringing together respected industry leaders to discuss how BI is being built into applications for the Cloud and in the Cloud. Join us to hear how these development environments are enabling a new breed of data-driven applications in the Cloud.

Register for JasperWorld here.

Jaspersoft in the GoGrid Cloud

GoGrid has a series of Jaspersoft Community Edition server images within the GoGrid Exchange. The GoGrid Server Images with Jaspersoft pre-installed are:

  • JasperReports Server 4.7.0 CE (new)
  • JasperReports Server 4.7.0 Pro (new)

When you deploy a GoGrid server, simply search for “Jaspersoft” within the cloud server image repository. Then choose one of the editions. Within minutes, your Jaspersoft server will be available for configuration.


The Jaspersoft BI Community Edition delivers reporting, analysis, and data integration services for both stand-alone and embedded BI projects.  With self-serve web based design and analysis tools, users and businesses of all sizes can improve their competitiveness and decision making with Jaspersoft.

Jaspersoft products are designed for stand-alone deployments and integration with other applications through rich Web Services such as Java, HTTP, and REST-based APIs. It is the first BI platform to offer multi-tenancy for SaaS applications and native connectivity to NoSQL engines such as GoGrid’s Big Data Solution, Hadoop, and MongoDB.  Features of Jaspersoft BI Community include:

  • Scalable architecture with cloud, mobile and data
  • Seamlessly embeddable or stand-alone reporting
  • Powerful expressive ROLAP Engine
  • Data extraction from multiple sources for reporting and analysis
  • Cloud and SaaS-ready BI platform with built-in multi-tenancy
  • 100% Web standard architecture simplifies UI customizations and web service integration
  • Community support with 100,000s of BI Builders

We hope to see you at JasperWorld!

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