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This week, posted an article and infographic (we LOVE infographics) related to hosting and blogging – “Top 25 Hosting Companies for Bloggers.” Over the past month, the staff has been surveying over 5600 bloggers to help define what hosting providers are best for hosting a blog.

We are pleased to announce that out of the thousands of hosting provider choices out there, GoGrid was in the Top 25 and of those 25, among only a handful of cloud infrastructure providers.

It’s important when selecting a provider to host your blog to consider the type of hosting you will use as there can be a variety of differences to support your WordPress, Drupal, TypePad or other blogging platform. Having tried a variety of these options, I recommend going a more “dedicated” route via cloud or physical servers where you get guaranteed performance, in fact, my personal WordPress blog is hosted on GoGrid.

Hosting a blog on GoGrid is easy. From pricing to control, we believe it is important to have understandable pricing, straight-forward deployment and no-nonsense management so that you can focus on your most important objective, creating content for your blog. You can deploy a GoGrid cloud server in minutes starting at $18 a month and this is for a cloud server dedicated to you.

Also, we have a Community GSI (GoGrid Server Image) that is preconfigured for WordPress. As a GoGrid user, simply search for “WordPress” from the GoGrid Management Portal, and you will see the image. Use this image to deploy a cloud server in literally minutes.


If you are more of a “Do It Yourself” blogger and want to set up a GoGrid cloud server on your own, you can take a look at my article on how to set up a LAMP, Webmin & ConfigServer Security & Firewall on a CentOS 6.0 GoGrid Cloud Server.

Obviously, when it comes to hosting, you have many choices available to you. We would love to be the one that you select. In fact, we can help you get started. Simply follow us on Twitter and ask for a blogger service credit. We will hook you up with a service credit that allows you to run an X-small server (0.5 GB RAM & 25 GB storage) for about 5 months, a Small server (1 GB RAM & 50 GB storage) for about 3 months or a Medium server (2 GB RAM & 100 GB storage) for about a month (note: these are “pre-paid” prices – if you do a longer commitment, your discount is greater). Take a look at our new simplified Pricing for more details. Also, you can estimate your hourly, monthly, semi-annual & annual costs for your blogging server on our Pricing Calculator.


Now, in terms of that infographic on the “Top 25 Hosting Companies for Bloggers” – the original source is here which includes information about the survey and details about each company.


Happy blogging from GoGrid!

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Michael Sheehan, formerly the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, is a recognized technology, social media, and cloud computing pundit and blogger who writes regularly about technology news and trends.

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