Enhancements to the GoGrid Management Console

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Our GoGrid cloud services engineers are always working away making visible and behind-the-scenes improvements to the customer experience on GoGrid. Today, we rolled out some enhancements to the customer management console that we wanted to highlight. Although several of these changes won’t be immediately apparent to all customers, we’ve done a lot of work to the underpinnings and architecture powering the management console.

So that GoGrid customers are aware of these changes and updates, I’ve summarized the most notable ones within this article.

Pre-Populated IP List Dropdown

In the previous version of the management console, when you were creating a new cloud server, you needed to start typing the IP address you wanted assigned to your server for the list to begin populating.


Now, when you create a new cloud server, all the available IP addresses in your account will be pre-populated into a dropdown. Remember: GoGrid provides a free, contiguous block of static IP addresses for your server.


Clearer List View Tools

In the previous version of the console, when you wanted to view the Password of a selected server or reassign the IP address of that server, you’d go to the Tools menu within the List view.


Within the new version of the List view, the Passwords and Reassign IP action menus are now separate and easier to find.


Add Cloud Server from Image to Native Data Center

Previously, if you had a server image stored in Cloud Storage in a data center other than US-West-1, you could only add that server to the US-West-1 data center. In the example below, a cloud server image was saved to EU-West-1 (the Amsterdam data center), but couldn’t be deployed to EU-West-1, only to US-West-1.


Now, you’ll be able to choose a server image from Cloud Storage in a non-US-West-1 data center and add that server to a non-US-West-1 data center. In the screenshot below, I created a GoGrid Server Image in EU-West-1 and saved it to cloud storage in EU-West-1. I can now deploy a server based on that image in the same data center (EU-West-1).


No Editing of Cloud Storage Passwords

In the previous version of the management console, users could click-to-edit the password for Cloud Storage.


With the new version, users can only select Cloud Storage passwords to copy them. They can’t be edited.


Grid View Text Can Be Copied

In the Grid view of the previous version of the management console, users couldn’t copy items like server name or IP address.


In the new version, users can select and copy both the server name and IP address.


Other Changes

Here are some other behind-the-scenes and minor changes we’ve made:

  • “Read-only” (restricted) users no longer have access to the Support link, which means the “Passwords” section is no longer available to these users.
  • We no longer support “Group by” and column re-ordering in the List view due to a transition to a new HTML 5 framework.
  • The Billing and Usage tabs are now consistently ordered for all types of GoGrid users.

We have lots of exciting changes to GoGrid services and the management console in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back for more updates. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment.

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