Video: Interview with Izoox Co-Founder on Successes Using the GoGrid Cloud

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Cloud computing provides all different types of solutions to businesses across the globe. And each solution is unique, especially if carefully crafted to fill a niche. At GoGrid, we love how our customers use our infrastructure in compelling ways, especially when the value that they receive is passed on to their clients.


One such company is Izoox who came to GoGrid a few years ago in search of a way to add value to their hosting and website management services that they provide to their customers. But sometimes that journey to find the perfect infrastructure solution can be challenging. Izoox, in fact, tested over 60 different providers over a course of 5 years – even having to endure outages where they were put at the end of a queue for support because they weren’t “big” enough. For Izoox, this was unacceptable and they were finding that their customers were suffering and they had to find a cloud infrastructure provider who could not only perform, but could also work hand-in-hand with them to craft the best solution for their needs.

Download the full Izoox Case Study here.


The Interview

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Scalf, co-owner & co-founder of Izoox to discuss his journey, his pain points along the way, and how he eventually settled on GoGrid as his primary cloud infrastructure partner.

Topics that are covered in our interview:

  • How Izoox started & what they wanted to provide to their customers
  • How Izoox did their due diligence on selecting an infrastructure provider
  • How Izoox is using GoGrid
  • How Izoox is leveraging GoGrid’s Hybrid Hosting solutions
  • Izoox customer testimonials are performance proof as a result of migrating to GoGrid infrastructure
  • Recommendations on how to select an infrastructure provider
  • Why a partnership is important

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Izoox Leveraging the GoGrid API

An interesting note here, in order to provide enhanced cloud infrastructure services to their clients, Izoox is leveraging the GoGrid API to programmatically control their infrastructure on GoGrid. In a subsequent interview, Matt told me that they use the GoGrid API to manage their interfaces through a custom interface for both Izoox and their customers to manage their infrastructure residing on GoGrid. With that interface and some new development work underway, the system will automatically launch new cloud servers based on metrics for server load depending on the application presets.

If you want to read more about the Izoox success story using GoGrid as an infrastructure partner and provider, you can download the Izoox Case Study here.

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