Press Release & Case Study: Martini Media Delivers Prized Consumer to Advertisers Using GoGrid’s Big Data Solution

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Hitting the wires in the cloud this morning was our announcement of Martini Media’s customer success story. When we work with our customers, we discover a lot of innovation at work and throughout the process, we assist in crafting the best cloud solution wherever possible. Martini Media’s unique digital platform that advertisers use to reach affluent consumers is a fantastic example of how Big Data and cloud computing can be used to drive business success.


In case you missed the Press Release, it is available here as well as below. But I encourage you, especially if you are looking for a Big Data solution, to download the Martini Media case study and then talk with one of our Cloud Solutions Architects. Through the use of our Big Data solution, hosted within the GoGrid cloud, Martini Media has been able to:

  • Support 100 percent annual growth
  • Realize the performance benefits of Big Data and the cost advantages of cloud computing
  • Serve targeted ads in as little as 150 milliseconds
  • Reduce latency and increase throughput speed

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And if you need a primer on Big Data, where it came from and where it can take you, I highly recommend these two articles by GoGrid’s Rupert Tagnipes:

The Press Release is below:

Martini Media Delivers Prized Consumers to Advertisers with Help from Big Data and GoGrid

Hybrid Infrastructure Hosting from GoGrid Lets Martini Media Take Advantage of Big Data and the Cloud

San Francisco, Calif. – May 9, 2011 – GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, announced today that Martini Media, the leading digital platform for advertisers to reach affluent US consumers, trusts GoGrid to host the Big Data infrastructure for its platform. From business leaders and affluent fashionistas to big-spending frequent flyers, Martini Media delivers the right ad at the right time to people in the high-income demographic that controls 70 percent of the spending power in the US.

According to Manicka Babu, vice president of engineering at Martini Media, precise, timely ad targeting requires effective algorithms, huge quantities of data, and fast processing. “We capture and process more than 250 million online events each day,” he explains. “As you might imagine, our platform requires a substantial amount of processing power. My team focuses on continuously improving our service, and GoGrid delivers the fast, scalable, reliable infrastructure we need. It’s a formula that keeps us ahead of the competition.”

Martini Media’s goal is to serve ads within 150 to 200 milliseconds no matter where the recipient is located within the United States. Based on two identical infrastructures hosted at GoGrid’s East and West Coast data centers, Martini Media’s solution delivers. In setting up its multi-data-center solution, Martini Media worked closely with GoGrid solutions architects to develop a highly effective hybrid hosting infrastructure. Hybrid hosting uses single-tenant hardware to run processing-intensive functions, such as Hadoop and Cassandra databases, and cloud servers to handle the platform front-end.

“Hybrid is optimal for Big Data,” says Babu. “We considered four providers, and only GoGrid offered everything we wanted for a reasonable price. Most important was the hybrid architecture. GoGrid allowed us to use virtualized cloud servers for non-database functions and single-tenant hardware to run our Cassandra databases.”

Martini Media’s successful Big Data implementation using Cassandra prompted it to expand to incorporate Hadoop as well, making it one of the first customers to deploy GoGrid’s Big Data Solution.

“As Martini Media’s success demonstrates, Big Data is a powerful tool for building insights and innovative business models,” said Jeffrey Samuels, chief marketing officer for GoGrid. “We’re proud that innovators like Martini Media choose GoGrid for their infrastructure. GoGrid supports Big Data with best practices architectures that deliver the scalability of the cloud. Our new Big Data Solution is uniquely tailored to meet the power and flexibility demands of compute-intensive applications. So when it comes to Big Data, we’re confident that no one beats GoGrid for performance.”

To learn more, read the full Martini Media Big Data case study:

Is your business looking to analyze complex data? And do you need infrastructure to power your analysis? GoGrid can help craft a unique, powerful and cost-effective way to succeed so be sure to contact us.

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