Revving Up Your Engines in the Cloud – Performance Counts! GoGrid Judging at Under the Radar 2012

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When you purchase a car, you obviously think a lot about its performance before you buy. How much horsepower does it have? Is the car safe? How does it handle? Is the gas mileage going to break the bank or will you be saving the environment? Is the vehicle flexible enough to meet all your needs or just suitable for one activity like off-roading?


When you think about cloud computing, specifically cloud infrastructure, performance matters as well. And there are many factors to consider when shopping for a cloud provider or partner. How’s their VM performance? Does their network provide multiple high-bandwidth pipes to support your network-hungry application or service? Are there any I/O bottlenecks? If your website comes under heavy load, can you burst to support it and then scale back when demand subsides?

These are important considerations. Would you want a car that has no acceleration when getting on a highway? Probably not. That’s the same reason you wouldn’t want a cloud that is over-subscribed or doesn’t have the architecture to support your business needs.

Speaking of “performance,” this is our third year sponsoring the Under the Radar (UTR) conference and marks the second year that our CMO, Jeffrey Samuels, being a judge there. This year, Jeff will be on the panel for the Performance Monitoring session. Here are the companies presenting in this session:

  • Fabric Engine – lets developers write high-performance application using dynamic languages
  • – provides elastic products for cloud messaging and background processing
  • Sumo Logic – gives real-time Big Data and IT insights of log intelligence and analytics
  • Tracelytics – provides insights into the performance of web applications

Tuning your application or infrastructure for the best performance possible is a critical check-box when moving into production. And monitoring how everything performs once it’s released is another. One quick and easy way to get a jump-start on these two items is to choose a cloud provider with a reputation as a solid performer. As the Technology Evangelist of GoGrid, I’m particularly proud of our performance over the past years. We’ve been independently benchmarked as providing market-leading I/O performance and also lead the pack in uptime from an SLA standpoint. Our network availability and performance remain unparalleled. And we craft unique infrastructure solutions to ensure performance is there when you need it, whether it’s with a completely public cloud solution, a hybrid infrastructure (mixture of cloud and physical servers), or a private cloud instance. And our recently announced Big Data solution couples performance with the scalability that developers, analytics firms, advertisers, and social media companies are demanding.

I look forward to seeing the innovations companies are presenting at UTR this year, and can’t wait to meet many of you personally. Best of luck to all the presenters. May you truly “perform!”

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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan, formerly the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, is a recognized technology, social media, and cloud computing pundit and blogger who writes regularly about technology news and trends.

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