Comedy, Conversations & Clouds – Recap of GoGrid/Equinix Event in Amsterdam

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Earlier this month, we had had the distinguished pleasure of celebrating GoGrid’s international expansion to EMEA by hosting a party with Equinix in Amsterdam. Europe has been more than hospitable to our new European team, and this event was no exception.

This was my 4th visit to our Amsterdam HQ and data center and I’m truly excited to see the traction within the European community and the adoption by those European companies seeing value in multiple global points of presences.

The location of the event was at a converted auto shop which is now a cool new restaurant and lounge, it still had some stylish remnants of its past – including an actual Ferrari in the center of the room! This venue turned out to be the ideal location for our welcoming party.


The turnout to the event was great. GoGrid received a warm welcome from over 100 different partners and customers as well as some of the top international companies who also have expanded to Europe. Having a casual atmosphere in which to discuss technology services, the importance and adoption of cloud computing within Europe and the direction it is going globally definitely set the stage for some powerful conversations.

But, it wouldn’t have been a party if we didn’t have a guest speaker. Comedian, Greg Shapiro, was perfect for the event. Shapiro is also from the US but now makes a living in the Netherlands. His antics and insights on transitioning cultures made for a fun and enjoyable evening. Greg Shapiro is top notch and we highly recommend him to anybody looking for a sharp speaker who understands both a US and European audience.


With two large TV screens displaying pictures and words to illustrate the differences in cultures and languages, Shapiro kept the audience engaged while balancing cultural and language nuances.

It’s important for me to see the results of our hard work over the past year developing not only an EMEA HQ but also firmly establishing a cloud data center presence. As our global reach continues to expand, I hope to meet more of our overseas customers and get to know how they are utilizing our cloud services.

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Bobby Brown

VP Operations at GoGrid
Bobby Brown is the Vice President of Operations at GoGrid, he been with GoGrid since 2005 as one of the early employees of GoGrid’s founding company ServePath. Bobby oversees multiple 24x7 technical teams that keeps GoGrid’s customer’s connected at all times and able to scale their business on demand. When not at work Bobby enjoys learning about technology, playing and watching sports and traveling the globe.

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