GoGrid Amsterdam Data Center Now Open – An Important Milestone for GoGrid & Me Personally

February 13th, 2012 by - 4,241 views

Today is very important milestone for all of us here at GoGrid. While we have always considered ourselves an international company, with over 35% of our customers located outside the US, expanding to our first international location is an exciting step for GoGrid and marks the beginning of many great things to come. And today is that day that we are “throwing open the doors” of our new data center in Europe. I am extremely pleased to announce the general availability of our newest data center in Amsterdam, which represents the culmination of our team’s hard work and big dreams.


Our Amsterdam data center is housed in a state-of-the-art Equinix facility which has proven to be a perfect fit for GoGrid. My team and I had a great time working with the Equinix team while we were getting things up and running. Particularly impressive is the Internet connectivity from our Amsterdam data center to the rest of Europe which makes this location the best choice for us.

When I wasn’t at the Equinix facility supervising the installation and rollout, I was also visiting our new European headquarters in Amstelveen. Just minutes from Amsterdam and our data center, Amstelveen is a prime location for GoGrid’s EMEA headquarters and is also home to major offices for companies like HP, Agilent, Cannon, and Ricoh.

While this expansion is clearly an important step for GoGrid, it is also an incredible personal accomplishment for me. When I started working at GoGrid seven years ago, I asked founder John Keagy if he could foresee an opportunity for eventual international expansion. His answer? Absolutely. You can imagine how amazing it was for me to take on the role of lead executive for this expansion and see our vision become a reality.

I’ve spent countless hours in data centers throughout my career, but being in our data center in Amsterdam in the middle of the night when we first flipped the switch to allow some initial beta customers test the environment out, and then seeing those green lights flashing away was an experience I’ll never forget.


Being a part of GoGrid’s international expansion has shown me just how much potential there is for GoGrid even beyond this most recent achievement, and to be a part of that growth is truly exciting.

So, now that our European data center is open for business, I hope that you can come and light up some of those green lights in there!

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Bobby Brown

VP Operations at GoGrid
Bobby Brown is the Vice President of Operations at GoGrid, he been with GoGrid since 2005 as one of the early employees of GoGrid’s founding company ServePath. Bobby oversees multiple 24x7 technical teams that keeps GoGrid’s customer’s connected at all times and able to scale their business on demand. When not at work Bobby enjoys learning about technology, playing and watching sports and traveling the globe.

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