CloudLink Now Available to All GoGrid Customers

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CloudLink, a dedicated, private connection between GoGrid data centers, is GoGrid’s newest product that comes with some exciting new features. After being in private beta for several months, is now available to all GoGrid customers via the GoGrid portal. Customers who purchase it will have the ability to link servers from our US-West-1 Data Center to our US-East-1 Data Center via a dedicated, secure and redundant line. Customers are now be able to easily connect their servers via the private network between our Data Centers.

How do I get it?

The first step is to purchase the product. We have added a link within the GoGrid portal where you can click to order CloudLink. After clicking on the link, you will be presented with a form where you can select the desired bandwidth. It will take at least 2 business days to activate CloudLink on your account – once it is ready, you will get a message from GoGrid with a CloudLink welcome letter.

There are 3 product options to select :

  • 10 Mbps for $99/month
  • 100 Mbps for $699/month
  • 1 Gbps for $4999 (requires a 1 year commit)

You also have the option of pre-paying for a year of the product in advance at a discount. Note that you will need to contact a GoGrid account representative if you are interested in the 1 Gbps option – this level requires a 1 year commitment. Your account representative can work with you on the required documents and will also need to verify capacity. You can also ask your representative for other available capacities.

Once you have received the welcome letter, then you are good to go!

What is it?

CloudLink is a data center interconnect product. It sits on a redundant 10 Gbp pipe that will only contain GoGrid traffic. This means fewer hops and less interference since only GoGrid customers will be on the line. Unlike a public line traversing the internet, you will not need to compete with a large amount of unrelated traffic.

Customers can use their private interface on one data center to connect to the private interface of their servers in our other data centers. For example, customers can send traffic from servers in US-West-1 to servers in US-East-1. Since this is using the private network, this also means no bandwidth costs. CloudLink is designed to be easy, so we allow unlimited traffic through the pipe – you will only be limited by the bandwidth rate that you select.

What can I do with it?


CloudLink is an enabling technology. Customers will most likely find multiple uses cases for this product – two that are a natural fit are disaster recovery and data replication.

Disaster Recovery

Customers who run production systems out of US-West-1 will now have the option of transferring their data and files to US-East-1 via CloudLink. In the event of a failure in the West Data Center, all their data and files will exist on US-East-1, safely stored and isolated from issues in the West. Customers can configure this to be an automated failover solution (leveraging technology like Global Load Balancing) so that traffic fails over to their up-to-date backup server in the East or as a simple store of data so that there will be a complete recovery of files when the West data center is brought back up.

Data Replication

This can be conducted in two flavors, big data replication using products like Cassandra or Hadoop or relational database replication using products like MySQL or Postgres. A scenario that I can envision customers using this solution would be an app company that has customers on the West and East coast. For latency reasons, it would be preferable for customers to be routed to either US-West-1 or US-East-1 servers depending on their location. As customers interact with the app, the local databases store their information. Unless the data is replicated between the two local databases, they can quickly get out of sync.

Customers can leverage CloudLink to ensure that data is replicated on the fly, ensuring the information in one database is quickly and securely replicated in the other. Since the data travels only over the private network, bad actors outside the network will have no way to access this traffic.

Users of this customer’s service will now have updated information whether they are routed to either the East or West coast data centers.

See how one of our customer’s, Martini Media used CloudLink to enhance their Big Data solution.

Sign-on today!

CloudLink is an important strategic technology that broadens the capabilities of the GoGrid cloud, bridging the gap between data centers. Click here to learn more about CloudLink. Shortly, we will be posting an article that discusses how to configure CloudLink once you are ordered it. Sign-up on the portal or contact your GoGrid Sales Representative to start using it today!

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