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We’re working on a new series on the GoGrid blog focused on the employee side of working at GoGrid. While this series is geared towards prospective employees, it also gives you, our customers or other interested readers, a better idea of who our employees are that work hard to keep GoGrid services up and running, and the type of exciting and bleeding edge technologies they get to work with. Think of it as the ultimate inside scoop to the driving force behind GoGrid’s success.


GoGrid’s corporate office is located in the SOMA district in the beautiful city of San Francisco, home of the World Series champs, the San Francisco Giants. In fact, our offices are about 5 minutes from the ballpark where we recently held a company event in one of the luxurious club suites- because that’s how we roll and because our Executive Chairman and Founder, John Keagy, is a die-hard fan. Did I mention that our offices overlook the Bay Bridge? Imagine coming to work every day seeing this:


That’s an amazing view if you ask me.

“What’s it like to work at GoGrid?” I can’t tell you how many times candidates have asked this same question over the course of the 4.5 years I’ve been here. When responding to candidates, the first thing I mention is the people they would work with. The people that call GoGrid their “home” during the day inspire me want to come to work every day.

I wanted to get our employees’ perspective so I asked them the same question:

“I love coming into to work every day. Living in the city and biking to work (rain or shine) is like living a dream. When at GoGrid I am around some of the brightest, most tech savvy people I have ever met. This energizes me to strive for new levels of knowledge and experience.” -Zane, Technical Support

“Working at GoGrid gives you the ability to learn the latest technology that is driving the web all while making friends with the best team in the world. It’s a truly unique opportunity and I have to pinch myself sometimes to remember that I am actually at work. It’s that fun!” -Paul, Marketing (who has worked here for 10 years!)

“For me it’s been a refreshing change from other companies that I have worked for in the past. There is energy, excitement and innovation rampant in the halls. And being on the cutting edge of a new technology movement helps fuel the fire to succeed. We have a start-up feel but with the structure and processes of an established organization.” -Michael, Marketing

Being a high-tech company in the Cloud Computing space is extremely exciting. Our engineers get to build some amazing technology that’s reshaping the (technology) world, as we know it. I remember walking through our data center for the first time and thinking, “Wow! I get to work for a company that works with this?” I was like a kid in the candy store, thinking this was way “kewl”, as Executive Chairman John Keagy likes to put it.

So what else can I tell you about what it’s like to work at GoGrid? Being the HR professional that I am, I wouldn’t be doing my job by not communicating our competitive benefits and perks. We want to keep our employees healthy and happy by offering them the following:

  • Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, MetLife Dental, and VSP (100% employer paid for employee coverage);
  • Commuter benefits;
  • Traditional and Roth 401(k) plans with a 25% company match;
  • $10 Crunch memberships- did I mention there’s a Crunch in our courtyard?
  • Employee discount program;
  • Friday free lunch, fruit, espresso/cappuccino machine, and drinks fridge;
  • Game room (so you can rock out to Guitar Hero);
  • Employee referral program, known as the Cloud Talent Project;
  • Incentive and employee referral programs; and
  • Professional Training & Development

Granted, this isn’t the full scope of what we offer our employees, but you have to admit that you find yourself saying you want to work here, right? The truth being said, we are looking for the right talent to build out the GoGrid family so be sure to check out our latest Job Openings and see if you are a fit!

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Jeryn Carlise

Sr. HR Manager at GoGrid
Jeryn Carlise is the Sr. HR Manager and oversees the HR Department for GoGrid. She’s been with the company for over 4 years, building the HR Department from the ground up. When she’s not doing the “HR thing” she spends her time as a graphic designer for several creative online teams .

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