GoGrid Cloud Survey Report – Cloud Use Cases And Migration (Part 3)

June 6th, 2011 by - 4,692 views

So far, in the GoGrid Cloud Survey Report series, we received data from over 500 CTOs, developers and IT professionals that answered the questions “What is Cloud Computing?” and “Does Your Company Use Cloud Services?”; even more interesting was the information these respondents gave that showed a Significant Increase in IaaS Adoption in 2011.

The insights we have received have been fascinating and we will continue to break down the survey results and release the findings here on the GoGrid Blog. This week we discuss the data received from our IT respondents on how they currently use cloud computing and what use cases would cause a migration to cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing Use Cases

Because cloud computing spans SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, it isn’t a surprise that many of our respondents use cloud computing services. Our first post in the series highlighted the fact that 65% of IT professionals surveyed use cloud computing in some way, shape or form. What is surprising are the use cases we received when we asked, “What use cases are you currently using in the cloud?”


With a market saturated with SaaS e-mail and productivity applications, we found it interesting that the top use cases were for testing, development and production environments. Additionally, the chart shows a fairly decent distribution of use cases; each category received a healthy amount of usage.

That’s where the IT industry stands currently; but it is also intriguing to see what use cases will drive cloud adoption in the future.

Migrating to the Cloud

Our last post in the series exposed that many IT professionals plan to increase IaaS usage throughout 2011. This new data aligned perfectly with that prediction when we asked the following question:


Testing and development maintained the top spot, but there was a significant jump in physical data center use cases. Only 36.9% of respondents currently use the cloud for the physical data center, but nearly 50% of the IT professionals surveyed saw this as a reason to migrate to the cloud.

The data from this chart shows that each of these use cases are beneficial and create a compelling reason for IT professionals to migrate to cloud computing solutions. The next post in our series will be focusing on security requirements in the cloud. You’ll be able to see how your requirements stack up compared to the rest of the industry!

For more information on our survey methodology or to see all of our results, please download the Cloud Survey Report.


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