GoGrid Cloud Survey Report – Infrastructure-as-a-Service Usage and 2011 Projections (Part 2)

May 16th, 2011 by - 8,576 views

Several weeks ago, we released the GoGrid Cloud Survey Report, which contained data from a survey we conducted at the beginning of the year. We polled over 500 CTOs, developers and IT professionals, and asked them to share their industry insights and specifics on how they used cloud technology.

Our first post in this series, “What is Cloud Computing and How Do You Use It?“, focused on what IT professionals believe cloud computing encompasses and what aspects they use in their work process. As the largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) pure play in the world, we were curious to see what percentage of the IT industry used cloud infrastructure currently and if there were plans to increase infrastructure usage throughout 2011.

We have taken the key findings of the survey and created several interesting charts and graphics. Because of the extensive nature of the survey, we will be releasing the findings in topical blog posts over the coming months, but you can download the full survey results data at any time by clicking here.

The results of our survey highlight two key findings:

1) Higher than expected use of Infrastructure-as-a-Service

We asked the industry if they were using cloud infrastructure and found that over 45% of our respondents use IaaS in some way, shape or form. This number was much higher than I anticipated. While many businesses use cloud technology, the primary use has been Software-as-a-Service (like e-mail or other hosted services). This data shows that there is a healthy understanding and adoption of cloud infrastructure services.

It’s important to remember that when we talk about Infrastructure services that we are talking about various appliances that make up ones infrastructure, namely, cloud servers, load balancers, cloud storage, firewalls, private networking, etc. While the primary adoption by corporations and enterprises does seem to be focused on cloud applications, many companies choose to create and launch these applications built on top of cloud infrastructure, the fundamental building blocks that are making the cloud so successful.


These results gave interesting insights into where infrastructure-as-a service stood as of early 2011, but what trends might be coming throughout the rest of the year? This led to our second finding.

2) Significant Upward Trend in IaaS Adoption Throughout 2011

We asked the IT professionals if they plan to increase, maintain or decrease their usage of infrastructure-as-a-service through 2011 and the results were very positive. The majority of CTOs, developers and IT professionals planned to significantly increase the usage of Infrastructure-as-a-Service as the year progressed.


These survey results show that IaaS is very healthy, growing and that 2011 may be a huge year for cloud infrastructure adoption. The next post in this series will focus on cloud computing use cases – so stay tuned for that.

For more information on our survey methodology or to see all of our results, please download the GoGrid Cloud Survey Report.


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