Updates Now Live to “Payments and Invoices” Section within GoGrid Portal

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Yesterday we pushed out some enhancements to the Billing section of the GoGrid customer portal. As we mentioned previously, recently we have been focusing on the “billing experience”. In March, we provided three important updates to Billing which included: Monthly Invoices, Account Plan Changes and Usage reporting. Yesterday, we rolled out some enhancements and updates to the Billing section, specifically, the “Payments and Invoices” area.

To access this updated functionality, simply navigate to: My Account > Billing. Once there, you can click on the “Payments and Invoices” section within the Billing Menu:


From there, you will see the latest 10 Payments and 10 Invoices. (Note that the pictures used in this post are from an Employee account on GoGrid and may not reflect all possible scenarios that a GoGrid customer might see.)


The Items are sorted by Date.

Fields displayed for Payments are:

  • Number – this is the unique payment number. Note that if you click on the hyperlinked number, you can see the Payment Details.
  • Date – this is the date that the payment posted to your account.
  • Method – various payment methods could be displayed here depending on your contract (e.g., Check, Visa, Cash, etc.).
  • Amount – this is the amount of the payment.
  • Applied – this is the amount that was applied against a payment.

Fields displayed for Invoices are:

  • Number – this is the unique invoice number. Note that if you click on the hyperlinked number, you can see the Invoice Details.
  • Date – this is the date of the invoice.
  • Amount – this is the amount of the invoice. It could be a positive or negative (in parenthesis) amount depending on if it is a payment or charge.
  • Balance Due – this is the total amount due on your account and reflects payments or charges applied to your account.

Clicking on a specific Payment number will provide all of the details of that payment and show all of the invoices that the payment applied to.


Below the Payment Details are the Invoices Paid by that payment, for example:


The Invoice Details shows line items of various charges on your account, including Memory and Transfer Plans, Overages (if any), Cloud Storage, Server Charges, and other related items. You can see the same Invoice details if you click on one of the linked Invoice Numbers on the summary screen:


When you couple the updated Payments and Invoices section with our recently introduced Usage feature (you can read more about it in this post), you get enhanced visibility into your GoGrid account. Briefly, the Usage section allows you to get both a summary and details on various Metered and Fixed Services within GoGrid. It is located under the “My Account” section. Below is the Usage Summary for the Current Period:


To download the details as a CSV file, simply choose the Billing Period that you want and click the “Download Usage Report” in the left bar:


With the recent updates and changes to the Billing Process, the new Payments and Invoices section and the Usage feature, we believe that you should now have very powerful insight into the Billing and Usage of your GoGrid account. As we continue to evolve these features and improve on them, we are always looking for feedback and ideas so please leave a comment on anything related to this that you feel you would like to share.

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