GoGrid Cloud Survey Report – What is Cloud Computing and Do You Use It?

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In January and February of 2011, GoGrid polled over 500 IT professionals, CTOs and developers and asked for their thoughts on cloud computing, how they currently use the cloud and where they think the industry is headed. The results of this survey shed new light on how the cloud stands in 2011 and what we can expect as we move towards 2012.

We have taken the key findings of the survey and created several interesting charts and graphics. Because of the extensive nature of the survey, we will be releasing the findings in topical blog posts over the coming months, but you can download the full survey results data at any time by clicking here.

With much speculation and debate about what cloud computing is, the first questions we asked the industry is what they believe cloud computing encompassed – Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS).

Question: When you think of “cloud”, what does it mean to you? What does the “cloud” encompass?


As seen in the responses to this question the majority of IT professionals are in agreement that all 3 services make up cloud computing, but emphasized Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. More importantly, we wanted to know what percentage of the IT industry actually uses cloud technology for their business. Most people are familiar with SaaS (e.g., Gmail and SalesForce). But interestingly, IaaS seems to be almost on par with SaaS according to respondents.

Questions: Using your answer from question #1, are you currently using the cloud?


According to our respondents, 65% of IT professionals surveyed use cloud computing services. These findings highlight the fact that the industry is growing more accustomed to what cloud computing is and are beginning to migrate to using cloud services in their work and daily lives. This could be from a purely experimental perspective, or project-related. Others are implementing pure cloud infrastructure as a replacement for bare metal environments. And yet others might be creating hybrid hosting infrastructures as well. Obviously, the possibilities are countless.

To learn more about our survey methodology or to see all the results and data, please download the GoGrid Cloud Survey Report.

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