John Keagy, CEO – GoGrid, Featured in This Week in Cloud Computing Video Podcast

March 7th, 2011 by - 92,431 views

Last week GoGrid CEO, John Keagy, was a guest on “This Week in Cloud Computing” hosted by Amanda Coolong & David Linthicum. The video podcast covered a variety of interesting topics including Fujitsu’s new cloud offering in Asia-Pac, Microsoft’s war of words with Google over Cloud Connect and Intel’s rumored client-aware cloud offerings. John Keagy weighs in with some very interesting thoughts on each of these topics. We’ve embedded the full episode for your viewing pleasure, but we’ve also included highlights and the discussion about GoGrid’s past, present and future!

Note: each of the clips below the main one will jump directly to the relevant content.

Full Episode


Australia is the first country outside of Japan to roll out Fujitsu’s standardized cloud offering. Do you think the expansion of cloud computing in Asia-Pac will add a boom to business development?

Google and Microsoft are sparring over Cloud Connect and Microsoft Office. Microsoft claims that Cloud Connect is Google’s ploy to get their hands on more of our data. Should Microsoft be worried and is Google going to succeed with enterprise?

Intel is planning a Cloud Vision event and are expected to reveal client-aware cloud. Will this mean cloud providers will write for devices directly and move further away from the browser and closer to apps?

Amazon launches AWS Cloud Formation to make easier for enterprises to mack stacks of apps and recourses. With this ability to combine resources, will this provide a strategic advantage for Amazon?

Amanda Coolong, David Linthicum and CEO John Keagy discuss GoGrid’s past, present and future.

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