Secure & Protect Your GoGrid Cloud with the New Fortinet Hardware Firewall Solution

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Having a secure Cloud Computing environment is paramount to GoGrid cloud customers. In fact, many critics of cloud computing in general point to “security” as one of the primary barriers to entry for their company or clients jumping into the cloud as a critical component of a company’s core IT strategy. We whole-heartedly agree that Security in the Cloud should be on any checklist when evaluating cloud providers. To that end, we have enhanced our Hardware Firewall service to ensure that your servers and critical data remain secure from malicious threats that ANY server or website is vulnerable to, cloud or not.


Set up, managed and maintained by experienced GoGrid System Administrators, the new GoGrid Fortinet is designed to insulate your infrastructure on GoGrid from a variety of new and sophisticated threats. Also, if you are working down the path of achieving PCI compliance for your environment running on GoGrid, this hardware firewall solution provides another “check in the box” towards compliance. While host-based firewall solutions do work in many cases, to achieve true protection against attacks, a hardware-based firewall is definitely the direction to go.

Key Features and Pricing

Briefly, the new GoGrid Fortinet Firewall’s key features are:

  • 1 Gbps throughput
  • 100,000 concurrent sessions
  • Unlimited IP addresses in a trusted interface
  • Choice of one VPN from the following

    • SSL
    • Site-to-Site
    • IPSec

The new Fortinet Hardware Firewall service is available for $200/month or $2000/year if prepaid annually. There is no Setup Fee for this service. The service includes one VPN, but should you desire to add additional Virtual Private Networks (like SSL, Site-to-Site or IPSec) those can be added for $50/month with no setup fee.

To order a GoGrid Hardware Firewall, you need to contact the GoGrid Sales Department (if you are a new customer) or your Service Team Account Manager (if you are a current GoGrid customer).

More Information about GoGrid’s Fortinet Firewall Service

We have compiled the following set of Frequently Asked Questions in anticipation of them being asked.

Question: Where are the Hardware Firewalls available?

Answer: The Fortinet Hardware Firewalls are currently only available in our US-West-1 data center.

Q: Can I control my firewall via the GoGrid API?

A: At this time, the Hardware Firewalls cannot be controlled via the API

Q: Can I use my GoGrid F5 Hardware Load Balancers with the Fortinet solution?

A: Yes, the F5 load balancing services can be used in conjunction with the Fortinet Hardware Firewall.

Q: How am I billed for the GoGrid Hardware Firewalls?

A: Fortinet hardware firewall billing is done based on your GoGrid signup month & day on a monthly basis. The bill can always be viewed in the GoGrid Customer Portal.

Q: I have a GoGrid Hybrid Hosting environment (combination of GoGrid Cloud Servers & GoGrid Dedicated Servers), is the Fortinet Firewall compatible with that type of environment?

A: Absolutely! The Fortinet Firewall can be configured to protect your entire GoGrid environment (virtual and physical servers).

Q: Sign me up! How do I order or add to my Firewall?

A: To order a GoGrid Firewall, you must contact a GoGrid Sales Representative (new customers) or your Service Team Account Manager (existing customers). Ordering via the GoGrid Web Portal is not currently available.

Q: Can I see my Hardware Firewalls within the GoGrid portal?

A: At this time, the Firewall is not displayed in the GoGrid portal.

Q: What are your SLA deployment times for the Firewall?

A: Your hardware firewall will be deployed within 2 business days.

Q: Can you show a couple of high-level network diagrams of the Firewall solution?

A: See below.


Above: The Fortinet Firewall provides enterprise-level security on the network layer.


Above: IPSec Remote Access allows “dial-up” connectivity from many operating systems and requires the use of FortiClient software. The SSL VPN allows for unlimited users in non-tunneled mode or 5 concurrent logins in tunneled mode. The Point-to-Point VPN Tunnel is an “always up” end-to-end encrypted tunnel solution which requires a VPN endpoint at a remote location.

GoGrid is one of the only “pure-play” Infrastructure providers who offers a state-of-the-art Fortinet Hardware Firewall solutions to further enhance the security of your infrastructure running on our services.

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