Estimate Your GoGrid Hosting Costs with the New GoGrid Pricing Calculator

July 26th, 2010 by - 5,272 views

With the launch of the new GoGrid website and GoGrid 3.0, we also spent some time on a new calculator to help you estimate your costs of running your infrastructure on GoGrid. The calculator, just like GoGrid, is extremely easy to use and can definitely help you plan out your infrastructure in the GoGrid cloud.

Features of the calculator include:

  • The ability to add numerous configurations of Cloud Servers (RAM/Hours Deployed/# of servers with that configuration)
  • Add Load Balancing
  • Add Cloud Storage
  • Configure Inbound and Outbound monthly transfer
  • Plan recommendations based on your configuration
  • Estimated total monthly cost


So, for example, below is the following configuration:

  • 2 – 2GB servers running for 30 days (720 hours)
  • 2 – 4GB servers running for 30 days (720 hours)
  • Load balancer –> it’s FREE
  • 24 GB of Cloud Storage –> first 10 GBs are free so the charge is for 14 GB/Month @ $0.15/GB/mo
  • 20 GB/mo Outbound Data Transfer ($0.29/GB/mo)
  • Inbound data transfer –> it’s FREE


Note how a different Memory Plan is suggested based on my configuration:


If you add more Outbound Data Transfer to your account, the calculator will suggest a plan there as well. For example, changed the amount of Outbound data transfer to 6600 GB/mo, the calculator suggests the “Transfer 3.6 TB” pre-paid plan as a better alternative:


It’s pretty easy to play with different scenarios to help you project your GoGrid Infrastructure costs. Again, the GoGrid Pricing Calculator is located here:

What do you think? Is it helpful? Let us know any comments or suggestions on how to improve on it.

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