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Last night, the GoGrid Engineering and Network teams toiled late into the night preparing for the launch of GoGrid version 3.0. Those of you current GoGrid users may have already noticed the updated login screen:


Well, I wanted to give everyone a small update on this upcoming release, especially those GoGrid users who have logged in and seen some slightly changed interfaces.

Note: below the “Highlights of Changes” section is information on two upcoming WEBINARS for future and current GoGrid users. I encourage you to register for one of those.

First, if you want to read a bit more about some of the features included in GoGrid v3.0, take a look at the GoGrid Software Update page. Most importantly, this update lays the groundwork for the opening of our new East Coast datacenter (US-East-1) in Ashburn, VA. To accommodate this expansion, we’ve made some now-visible changes to the following:

  • Billing Widget – easier to read & gives you Memory Usage at a glance
  • List View Panel – the network widget has been removed and is now enhanced within the List View, making it much easier to view your public and private IP address across datacenters
  • Workflow Changes – see below for details on this change

Highlights of Changes

We’ve added a new “datacenter aware” selector prior to choosing the GoGrid object you wish to deploy. If you’ve logged into the GoGrid Portal since the update last night, you will see some differences when you go to ADD an object:


Unless you are part of the Alpha testing group, objects within the US-East-1 datacenter are grayed-out. If you select the US-East-1 datacenter, you should expect to see the following (until the launch of the new datacenter which is scheduled for June 28, 2010):


Another notable change is the Network Widget which use to appear in the left sidebar has now been removed. In its place is a link that will take you to the new Network section of the List View.


When you click on the link “Your Network Settings“, you’ll immediately be taken to the List View and the Network section therein. Within the Network section, you can view Public and Private IP addresses assigned to your GoGrid account, their Status (Assigned/Unassigned) and the datacenter they are associated with.


Note: All GoGrid users can currently use the Network section as of this update.

Also, we have simplified the Billing Summary widget to give you a snapshot of your Memory and Transfer allotment and usage (including a direct link to view your current invoices):


Learn More About GoGrid v3.0 at Upcoming Webinars

Whenever there is an update, current and future customers always have questions. So, we have put together a series of webinars to help explain these and other significant improvements coming to the GoGrid cloud.

If you are a CURRENT GoGrid customer, you can catch up on the latest and greatest improvements to your GoGrid cloud by attending the “Complex Infrastructure Made Easy: Learn About the GoGrid 3.0 Release and Our New East Coast Data Center“:

  • Date: Monday, June 28, 2010
  • Time: 11:00 am PDT
  • Summary:
    • Learn about our new features and system enhancements included in GoGrid 3.0 and how they can help your business.
    • Understand how to expand the complexity of your cloud with GoGrid’s new east coast data center (US-East-1).
    • See a demonstration of how easy it is to deploy a cloud (virtual) server in GoGrid’s US-East-1 data center.
    • Discover how other companies are using GoGrid to build complex and unique architectures in the GoGrid cloud.
  • Details & Registration

If you are NEW to GoGrid, I recommend that you register and attend the “Complex Infrastructure Made Easy: Learn How You Can Leverage the GoGrid Cloud“:

  • Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2010
  • Time: 11:00 am PDT
  • Summary:
    • Learn about the enhanced offerings included in the GoGrid 3.0 release and how they can help your business.
    • Understand how GoGrid’s robust partner ecosystem can help you leverage the GoGrid cloud.
    • Discover how GoGrid customers are expanding their cloud environment with our partners and the GoGrid Exchange.
  • Details & Registration

If you have any questions prior to the webinars or that you would like answered in the webinars, please leave a comment on this post! We hope you fully take advantage of the new features and services coming to GoGrid in the next few weeks.

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