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An interesting article was posted to the Outsourcing Journal that is relevant to anyone considering using the Cloud as a viable infrastructure strategy. There are plenty of important topics & points in this article, especially as many companies begin moving full infrastructure to the Cloud. Using cloud infrastructure hosting provided by GoGrid and the CloudIQ platform by GoGrid partner, Appistry, companies can move their applications into the cloud for free[1].


The Appistry CloudIQ platform consists of 3 offerings:

  1. CloudIQ Manager helps enterprises manage their applications within a cloud environment.
  2. CloudIQ Engine helps companies cloud-enable their applications, providing scalability and reliability.
  3. CloudIQ Storage allows organizations to harness inexpensive commodity storage

The Appistry CloudIQ platform is currently available on GoGrid as two Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers which have been recently updated as well:


GoGrid and Appistry customer, Presidio Health, a small start-up which provides a Healthcare SaaS offering is one such company used the free Appistry CloudIQ offer to move its infrastructure over to the GoGrid cloud. Prior to migration, Presidio Health business requirements were high and their infrastructure was not made to meet the success they were having. They wanted to concentrate on growing their business as opposed to managing their IT infrastructure.

“We wanted to focus on the software we were developing for hospitals,” Gregory explains. “We didn’t want to support a full IT staff around the clock to manage the hardware. By using an external provider, we didn’t need to worry about downtime or redundancy. Outsourcing fit our business needs.”

Other items of interest in the article:

  • Presidio Health needed HIPAA compliance which was achieved with the GoGrid/Appistry solution
  • Hybrid Hosting model helped in the success
  • The GoGrid/Appistry solution increased computing power by 70 percent but didn’t increase the IT spend
  • The Cloud Computing solution will allow Presidio Health “to grow quicker”

I recommend that readers interested in this case study as well as the Appistry/GoGrid solution read this article for complete details.

  1. standard GoGrid hosting costs still apply – For the next 90 days, GoGrid is offering a US$100 credit to Outsourcing Journal readers who reference this promotional code: GGAPPO []

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