Newsletter: GoGrid Customer Update – May 2010 – New CPU Allocations, GoGrid Expansion & More!

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So the cat is sort of out of the bag with the release of the May 2010 GoGrid Newsletter. We definitely have some exciting news to share with GoGrid customers and those looking to move their infrastructure into the GoGrid Cloud. If you are currently a GoGrid customer receiving our newsletter, you should have received the following:


For those of you who do not receive the Newsletter and are interested in the latest and greatest news coming from us at GoGrid, what follows is the contents of the May 2010 GoGrid Newsletter:


Spring is upon us and the change of the season presents us with new beginnings. In this edition of the newsletter, we’ll discuss information and opportunities that can help your business with new growth.

Specific topics include:

  1. New CPU Allotments for Virtual Servers
  2. GoGrid Expansion
  3. CDN News
  4. Cloudkick Promotion
  5. GoGrid and Microsoft Promotion
  6. Events and Other News

New CPU Allotments for Virtual Servers

On March 9, GoGrid nodes (the physical machines that host virtual servers) were upgraded with Intel’s powerful Nehalem processors, resulting in an increase in CPU allotments for most Windows and Linux virtual server options. See an earlier blog post about the Nehalem processors.

Virtual servers now have equal CPU-to-RAM ratios and virtual servers with 2, 4, and 8 GB RAM now have between 25-50% more CPU.

CPU Allocation (cores) RAM (GB) Disk Size (GB)
.5 .5 30
1 1 60
2 2 120
4 4 240
8 8 480

New node capacity is still being built and we expect to have enough new nodes to handle 100% of new virtual server adds in 4-6 weeks. Until then, most virtual servers will be added to new nodes, but depending on demand, some virtual servers may be deployed on non-Nehalem nodes and therefore will receive the older CPU allotments.

Below are some CPU Allotment FAQs:

Q: Will I pay more for the new CPU allotments?

A: No, the new CPU allotments are free of charge.
Q: Will my existing virtual server get the new CPU allotments?
A: No. If you deployed a Linux virtual server before March 9 or a Windows virtual server before March 25 it will have the old CPU allotments.
Q: Can I upgrade my existing virtual server so that it has the new CPU allotment?
A: No. You will have to delete your existing virtual server and deploy a new virtual server to get the new CPU allotment (subject to node availability).
Q: How do I know if my virtual server has the new CPU allotment?
A: Linux virtual servers deployed after March 9 and Windows virtual servers deployed after March 25 should have the new CPU allotment. You can check your virtual server’s CPU allotment by using the following commands:


  • Start -> run
  • Type “cmd”
  • In command window, type “systeminfo|more”
  • The “Processor” row will display the processor count of your virtual server


  • cat /proc/cpuinfo

If you have questions, please contact your dedicated GoGrid account team or GoGrid technical support.

GoGrid Expansion

We are excited to announce the expansion of GoGrid services to the East Coast (US-East-1) in less than 8 weeks. In late June, users will be able to provision virtual servers in our West (US-West-1) or East Coast (US-East-1) data center locations using the GoGrid portal or API.

The first release of the US-East-1 data center will include virtual server provisioning. We expect to have full feature functionality by the end of 2010, which will include F5 load balancing, Cloud Storage, MyGSI, and PartnerGSI.

Key Highlights:

  • US-East-1 data center expansion in late June.
  • Virtual server provisioning in the first release, with full feature functionality coming later in the year.
  • Additional information will be sent out in early June.

Please feel free to contact me, maria[at], or your service team account manager with any questions about our new US-East-1 data center.

CDN News

Coming May 2010
We’ve expanded our global content delivery services with the addition of our Parisian point-of-presence (PoP). Your end users will receive their desired content from the fastest PoP on our network no matter where in the world they’re located. For more information visit GoGrid CDN.

New CDN Analytics Tool
Edge Performance Analytics, GoGrid’s new premium reporting suite, offers improved reporting performance to help you optimize your content and identify impending issues. Plus, you can now easily monitor your reports by scheduling email alerts daily, weekly or monthly.

Here are the details:

Premium Reporting Suite Pricing

  • $99.99/month
  • $99.99 setup fee

Reporting Features

  • HTTP trending statistics
  • Detailed insight on the performance of edge servers
  • Ability to generate specialized reports

For more information about Edge Performance Analytics or to get started, log in to the GoGrid portal and create a GoGrid CDN Provision case.

Cloudkick Promotion

If you haven’t checked out Cloudkick for GoGrid then you’re missing out on a powerful and cool set of tools for managing your GoGrid server infrastructure.

Here are a few Cloudkick features:

  • Fault detection with elastic monitoring – know when your servers are down and have monitors added automatically as new servers come online.
  • Dynamic graphs – interactive, zoomable, savable graphs, make it easy to visualize what’s happening with your infrastructure.
  • Server diagnostic – instantly see which processes are using the most CPU and memory on your machines.
  • Manage virtual & physical servers in one dashboard – you can also manage servers from multiple data centers in the same unified dashboard, right next to your GoGrid account.

Cloudkick is offering the first 100 GoGrid customers who sign up a 20% discount off their monthly charges.

To get started, simply:

  1. Sign up at:
  2. Enter promo code: go20

Read more about Cloudkick on our blog.

GoGrid and Microsoft Promotion

Receive a $500 Credit: Experience the Elasticity of GoGrid Virtual and Physical Servers
GoGrid and Microsoft have teamed up to offer GoGrid customers a $500 credit towards any GoGrid physical server you deploy running Windows Server 2008 or MSSQL Server 2008.

When you started with GoGrid, your infrastructure was a snapshot of your current business. As business grows, so do infrastructure requirements. With GoGrid, not only do you have the ability to scale and harness the elasticity of the cloud, but you can also meet your growing infrastructure needs with GoGrid Hybrid Hosting.

GoGrid Hybrid Hosting gives you flexibility to:

  • Build flexible, secure, high performance, and scalable server networks.
  • Choose from Virtual Servers, Physical Servers or any combination.
  • All servers share the same VLAN.

Check out some example configurations or read about some GoGrid customers driving business forward with a GoGrid Hybrid solution. Check out our blog post for more discussion on the promotion.

Receive your $500 credit, contact a sales representative and get started.

Events and Other News

Web 2.0 Expo
GoGrid will be an exhibitor at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, CA.

Under the Radar
GoGrid was a sponsor at the annual Under the Radar conference in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Read more about it on our blog.

As always, you can find more information about GoGrid at:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at Maria[at]

Thank you,
Maria Gallegos

Pretty exciting stuff right? More information will be forthcoming regarding the rollout of our East Coast presence so be sure to subscribe to our blog feed and Twitter stream to get the latest information and updates. A be sure to “like” us on our GoGrid Fan Page on Facebook!

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