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If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley, there is a Cloud Computing event that you definitely shouldn’t miss: Under the Radar. At this event, sponsored by GoGrid, you will hear from 350 technology leaders about who is adopting and using the cloud, who is innovating and how they are doing so and why you should seriously be considering a Cloud Computing strategy for your IT infrastructure.


Before I get into the details, you can receive a $200 discount off the regular ticket price by following this Registration link.

A bit about Under the Radar:

Under the Radar is a catalyst for doing deals. Meet with 350 other tech leaders to hear about who’s adopting the cloud, who’s innovating and why it matters to you. From the new data center to SaaS, the ROI for leveraging the cloud has never been more clear or compelling.

Sessions include:

  • “Data Debate: MySQL or NoSQL” – John Quinn (VP Engineering, Digg)
  • “Data 2.0″ – presenting companies:
    • Cloudant
    • GenieDB
    • Neo Technology
    • NorthScale
    • Sones
  • “Compliance” – presenting companies:
    • Aprigo
    • Conformity
    • Kinamik
    • SaaSure
  • “Analytics” – presenting companies:
    • Crowdcast
    • GoodData
    • Indicee
  • “Virtualization” – presenting companies:
    • CloudShare
    • Delphix
    • Layerboom Systems
    • VMTurbo
  • “Communications” – presenting companies:
    • AwayFind
    • CubeTree
    • Fonolo
    • SendGrid
  • “App Development & Management” – presenting companies:
    • AppDynamics
    • AppFirst
    • Makara
  • “Infrastructure” – presenting companies:
    • CloudSwitch
    • MaxiScale
    • Puppet Lapbs
    • RiverMuse

Don’t recognize any of these names? You aren’t alone. This is because at this event, these Presenting Companies will be going into tech details of their startup, in order to show how they are adopting, using or leveraging Cloud Computing for their IT success. They may simply be fully implemented in the Cloud or have created a business strategy for managing Cloud Computing. These are emerging companies with smart, successful teams who a a little bit of traction (some are in seed state and have a handful of strategic beta customers while others have a Series A and a handful of recognizable enterprise customers). Regardless, there should be some very interesting and dynamic sessions at this conference.

Judges for the presenting companies include executives from: ING, Nokia, MTV Networks, Intuit, Verizon, Accel Partners, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, ZDNET, Norwest Venture Partners,, Bank of America, Deloitte Consulting, AT&T, Hummer Winblad, Information Week, Virgin America and Battery Ventures. More information about the judging process:

  • Leading up to Under the Radar, the Dealmaker Media team interviews approximately 150+ startups to identify trends and filter through applicants to select a small group of presenting companies to hit the stage. Approx 30 startups present at each Under the Radar.
  • Both the audience and “judges” vote of their favorite company in each category. There are 7 categories.
  • Criteria for “judges” choice are based on market opportunity, how compelling the startups solution/product is, team and business model.

Additionally, GoGrid will be awarding 2 Winners a $500 GoGrid Cloud Infrastructure Hosting credit (each)! Oh, and while you are at the event, please be sure to visit the GoGrid table to find out how our cloud can help your business succeed!

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