Video Presentation: GoGrid API – “Writing Code for Many Clouds” – Cloud Connect Event 2010

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This week, GoGrid was not only an exhibitor and Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Connect Event 2010 in Santa Clara, CA, but also our Lead Senior Software Engineer, Justin Kitagawa, was part of a panel titled “Writing Code for Many Clouds“.


The panel was moderated by Shlomo Swidler (Founder, Orchestratus) and the members included:

  • Shashi Mysore, Product Specialist, Eucalyptus Systems
  • Adrian Cole, Founder, jClouds
  • George Reese, CTO, enStratus
  • Michael Mayo, Rackspace
  • Mitch Garnaat, President, CloudRight
  • Justin Kitagawa, Lead Senior Software Engineer, GoGrid
  • Sam Ramji, Vice President of Strategy, Sonoa Systems

Each panel member was allowed a few minutes to discuss how their service can be controlled programmatically via an API or other method. This is an important discussion point because many companies and developers are looking to build applications that span clouds. However prior to doing this, these developers must fully understand how a cloud is architected and can be utilized. Obviously, when building a cloud as a vendor, there are challenges and hurdles that must be overcome in the process. Each of the panelists discussed their design decisions and then answered questions presented to them by the moderator as well as by audience members.

As an attendee of this panel, I thought it important to present GoGrid’s thoughts on our own API and how we came to make the decisions behind its development. Below is a video of Justin’s presentation which covers:

  • Who and What is GoGrid?
  • The GoGrid Portal
  • The GoGrid API
  • The Anatomy of a GoGrid API Call
  • A Sample API Request
  • Sample Code
  • GoGrid API Objects & Actions
  • Challenges in Developing
  • Who is the API for?

The full presentation is also available below:

If you are interested in how the GoGrid API works, I encourage you to look at the GoGrid Wiki where you can find the “Getting Started Guide” as well as the following items:

Also, I’m personally curious to find out if and how you are using the GoGrid API. Have you created a program to hook into our API to control scaling or deployment of servers? What about creating your own interface to our service? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Shlomo Swidler says:

    Hi Michael – Thanks for GoGrid's participation in the session, it contributed to the right composition of the panel.

    Shlomo Swidler

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