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We are excited to announce a new event for GoGrid and WebsiteSpark which will be taking place on Tuesday, March 30 from 10am to 6pm Pacific Time in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those of you who are new to WebsiteSpark, it is a powerful program designed to help Web Designers and Developers drive new business opportunities through connections and customers around the world. I posted some detailed information about the WebsiteSpark program and how GoGrid can be your preferred hosting partner in this program.

In order to help educate you on this outstanding business opportunity that can save your startup or small business literally thousands of dollars in licensing & hosting costs, Microsoft and GoGrid have teamed up with an event called “WIN with GoGrid & Microsoft WebsiteSpark” that will be taking place on the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus. Wondering if you should attend? Please take a look at the bullet points below to help determine if this is a good event for you:


Are you a Web Professional…

  • Interested in free software and support to grow your web development business?
  • Who needs help getting your customers’ websites to the top of the search rankings?
  • Looking for tips and tricks to design and develop next generation web experiences?
  • Looking to make your web development business more profitable?
  • Looking to streamline the way you design, build and deploy websites?
  • Looking to mix the best of Open Source with the best of Microsoft in your customer’s websites?
  • Questions on how to deploy Microsoft infrastructure in the Cloud?
  • Learn about Windows Azure Application Lifecycle Management on GoGrid!

But wait! There’s more! All attendees of this event are entered into a drawing to win one of the following:

  • HP Netbook with Windows 7
  • Xbox 360 Elite
  • ZuneHD
  • 8GB Zune

More About GoGrid & WebsiteSpark

By selecting GoGrid as your Hosting Partner, you can get nominated for the WebsiteSpark program, and also get the most flexible and easy to use cloud hosting infrastructure to run your client web sites and applications on. Get servers in just minutes, with no commitment and easy self-service through GoGrid’s web portal or our API, plus you can add physical dedicated servers on the same network for higher SQL Server performance from a hybrid architecture.

GoGrid has some exclusive offers specific to WebsiteSpark customers. For more info, please visit the WebsiteSpark page on GoGrid.

How to Register for the Event

First, this is a FREE event with food and beverages included. The registration page is located here. And you can sign up via the embedded form below:


We will be publishing a schedule & agenda for this meeting in the coming week so be sure to check back shortly. Space is limited so we encourage you to sign up early!

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