5 Responses to “Feature Release: GoGrid Dedicated Servers, List View, Edit Load Balancer & Others”

  1. Travis says:

    Still hoping you have Debian or Ubuntu available in the cloud soon! Need that specifix distro and it’s literally the only reason I haven’t signed up yet!

    • @Travis,

      Thanks for that request. Debian is not available yet on GoGrid Cloud Servers but IS on GoGrid Dedicated Servers. We are, however, looking to include more OS images/distros for the Cloud Server in the future.


    • Pavel says:

      I'm joining to your statement. Debian is indispensable and popular distro and it's a pity that isn't available _in cloud_ yet.

  2. Jairo says:


    If a have several 1950 and 2950 Dell servers colo in a florida datacenter is it posible to use the GoGrid 2.0 Application to administrate them and create the VM Servers as easily as your app does?



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