Rapidly Develop, Test & Deploy Windows Azure Applications using the GoGrid Cloud

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goGrid_azure_Lifecycle_3Just in time for the Microsoft PDC 2009, GoGrid is excited to showcase an integrated solution for Windows Azure™ developers, using the GoGrid Cloud for seamlessly building and deploying applications for Windows Azure. Our solution interoperates with the existing GoGrid infrastructure and includes preconfigured development environments which allows developers to build applications and publish them to Windows Azure.

GoGrid’s VP of Engineering, Paul Lappas, narrates the video below demonstrating the interoperability between GoGrid Cloud Infrastructure and the Windows Azure Platform:

GoGrid provides infrastructure services in the cloud allowing customers to rapidly deploy load-balanced and hybrid servers without purchasing costly hardware.

With the release of the Windows Azure™ platform, GoGrid wanted to extend its services and enable its customers to develop, test, deploy, and back up Windows Azure applications efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Windows Azure Application Lifecycle Management Service interoperates with the existing GoGrid infrastructure. With this pairing, Windows Developers enjoy a variety of advantages. For example:


  • Enables developers to rapidly build applications and publish them to Windows Azure
  • Includes preconfigured development environments
  • Rapidly provision unlimited test servers for powerful load testing with a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • The service works with Sync Services for Microsoft® SQL Azure, enabling customers to keep a real-time backup of their Windows Azure database while using the GoGrid infrastructure as additional backup for disaster recovery

Look for this exciting service offering between GoGrid and Windows Azure coming in the first quarter of 2010! If you have questions or comments about this GoGrid and Windows Azure solution, please fill out the contact form on the Azure page of the GoGrid site.

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    Nice work guys, that's pretty cool.

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